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Budget Planning Fiscal year 2004-05 December 10 th, 2003.

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1 Budget Planning Fiscal year 2004-05 December 10 th, 2003

2 Projections for FY 05 Based on information from a variety of sources including MOASBO, MASA, and MSBA the proration factors for calculating the formula may be as low as.75 and.70. These projections are based on the assumption that the one time revenue sources included in the FY- 04 budget will not be replaced, and expenditure increases at the state level that are required by law (most notably Medicaid).

3 Projections Continued If these assumptions are correct, there is a deficit of over a billion dollars in the FY-05 budget. It is estimated that 70% of this deficit will effect K-12 education.

4 Projections Continued If we have proration factors of.75 and.70 I estimate our FY-05 foundation formula revenues to decrease by $1,112,000 million dollars compared to our current year budget The revenue lost compared to a fully funded formula in FY-05 is estimated to be $2,962,000 million dollars.

5 Projections Continued It is also estimated that other categorical state funding will be reduced. To date, we have not received estimated amounts of categorical cuts. We are currently budgeted to deficit spend $77,307 for FY-04. This includes all funds.

6 Increased Expenditures FY-05 Servicing the salary schedule. This is approximately $125,000. Additional health insurance, dental insurance, and life insurance premiums. Increased retirement contribution 1/2%, which will cost the district approximately $50,000. Facility/transportation energy costs

7 Expenditures Potential expenditure reductions should be categorized in one of the following areas: 1.Co-Curricular Activities 2.Subsidized Programs/Grant Match 3.Support Services not required by MSIP 4.Non-required programs and electives not required by MSIP 5.Pupil to teacher ratios in Core Classes and in elementary classrooms 6.MSIP minimum standards

8 Expenditures Continued We need to remember that the district is required to meet certain standards: –Minimum Salary –Career Ladder Match –Salary Compliance

9 Possible District-Wide Reductions Salary Freeze (No new dollars nor allow steps) Freeze or reduce district contribution for all insurance Eliminate board paid dental and life insurance for employees Freeze movement on Career Ladder or eliminate Career Ladder

10 Reductions Continued Eliminate or reduce transportation for extra trips Reduce personnel, both certified and non-certified Reduce building budgets across the board Reduce or eliminate extended contracts (such as librarians, guidance staff, technology staff) Reduce offerings of co-curricular programs. Increase fees for lunch and activities.

11 Possible Building Reductions Eliminate one elementary teacher at both Central and West Elementary Eliminate PE position at West and have teachers shuttle from middle and Central Elementary Review required numbers for Special Education and eliminate staff Replace Alternative staff with Teacher Assistant Eliminate Science electives at middle school Eliminate one custodian at the middle school

12 Building Reductions Continued Eliminate French in the high school. Possibly eliminate industrial tech program at the high school These are both based on possible retirements.

13 Co-Curricular Reductions Reduce the cost of the yearbook production and raise cost to purchase yearbooks Reduce stipend for Academic team from 27% to 3%. Eliminate 3% for industrial arts teacher to maintain equipment

14 Co-Curricular Reductions Continued Eliminate pay for 5 th /6 th grade basketball program. Eliminate boys tennis Eliminate 9 th grade sports except football. Eliminate all non conference travel for middle school sports Eliminate girls tennis Eliminate middle school wrestling

15 Reductions Continued Eliminate middle school football Eliminate Asst. Cheerleading sponsor Reduce travel cost of athletics by scheduling opponents in nearby locations. Eliminate or reduce field trips.

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