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LaunchPad & Verizon Sales Launch. About AccuCode AccuCode is a software developer, integrator, and value-added reseller specializing in the application.

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1 LaunchPad & Verizon Sales Launch

2 About AccuCode AccuCode is a software developer, integrator, and value-added reseller specializing in the application of mobile computing, wireless infrastructure and automated data collection technologies. AccuCode has pioneered the Hardware-as-a- Service model under which fully managed tablets, software and other technologies can be delivered under a fixed subscription rate, removing capital barriers and mitigating maintenance and other life-cycle risks for customers. AccuCode provides cost effective solutions for warehousing, retail, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare and education.

3 Areas of Expertise  Hardware Lifecycle Management  Barcode  Mobile Applications  Hardware Procurement  Wireless Networks  Inventory Management  Wireless Networks  RFID

4 Achievements Hot Company in a Hot Market!  Six Time Inc. 500|5000 Winner  Colorado Companies to Watch Winner - 2010  Three Time Deloitte & Touche Fast 50 Winner

5 Customers & Partners RetailTransportationManufacturing Partners

6  Fully managed tablet solution delivered as-a-Service  Subscription based model eliminates need for upfront capital expenditures  You pick the device. We deploy, support, manage, and maintain it.  We guarantee you will always have a working supported solution in hands of users LaunchPad Overview

7 Customer Value Prop.  No hidden costs, zero surprises  Eliminates the need for additional internal IT support  Tablets pre-loaded with required programs, applications, and configuration settings  Pre-configured next day replacements for broken devices  Cloud-based web portal to track and manage devices

8 Standard Services  We support any iOS, Android, Windows, or custom operating platforms  Deployment & Repair services from AccuCode’s depot center in Louisville, KY  Unlimited access to LifeCycle web-portal  Comprehensive no fault warranty coverage  Next day replacement of devices from AccuCode spare pool  Mobile device management software – AirWatch  Tier I Help Desk support 24/7

9 Optional Services  Pooled data packages  Tier II Help Desk (live call in support)  Golden image development

10 Verizon Sales Process  AccuCode will become involved when the Verizon sales organization has pre-qualified a potential customer.  Introduction to the customer can be a joint call with VZ rep and AccuCode rep, or AccuCode will make the contact on it’s own.  AccuCode will assess the opportunity and propose a solution to the customer, keeping Verizon sales engaged throughout the process for the wireless broadband component.

11 Verizon Sales Process All qualified leads will be registered utilizing the Partner Portal at 1.Verizon Sales qualifies lead and makes introduction 2.AccuCode Assesses Customer’s needs 3.AccuCode delivers presentation 4.AccuCode and Customer conduct a consultative/creative session 5.AccuCode provides customer with Quote and Scope of Work 6.Customer approves Quote and Scope of Work 7.Customer signs-off on Quote and Scope of Work (P.O.) A.Deal Closes / Amount of lines needed is known B.AccuCode Fulfills equipment needs, ESNs for activations are obtained. C.ESNs are sent to lead submitting rep with activation instruction sheet. D.Rep has ESNs activated and sends back MTNs/IPs and other info for VSP database. 8.AccuCode schedules Deployment 9.AccuCode Deploys, Trains, and obtains Customer Sign-off 10.Post-sales begins

12 Partner Portal  Includes LaunchPad and AccuCode support documents  Brochures  PPTs  Email Templates  Video  This is where you will also register leads

13 Registration Steps 1.Go to Enter your Verizon eCode here

14 2. You will then be redirected to the homepage. Click “LOGIN” and enter your username and password Registration Steps Click Here

15 Registration Steps If you forgot your password, click the “Lost your password?” link to generate a new password

16 LaunchPad Support Info Click Here

17 LaunchPad Support Docs Select the document or information you need. Remember all documents are editable (MAKE SURE YOU ADD YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION), or copy and paste into emails.

18 AccuCode Support Docs From the main portal page, click the AccuCode link highlighted in red. Here you may copy and paste the Logo, but these documents are not editable.

19 1.Once you are logged in, click the Register a Lead link in the right hand area. Lead Registration Steps

20 2. Select Register AO: LaunchPad Lead. Lead Registration Steps

21 3. Fill out all of the form fields. The full name and ID number you entered when you registered for the portal will automatically be appended to the form when you submit. Lead Registration Steps

22 Activations

23 Steve Fuelberth Director of Business Development LifeCycle Services AccuCode Inc. 6886 S Yosemite Street Centennial, CO 80112 Office: 303-639-6111 Ext 1732 Cell: 303-590-5372

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