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A2Zeurope Strategic and Operational Consulting November 2004 16, Place Vendôme - 75001 Paris - Phone: +33 (0) 1 47 01 78 03 - Fax: +33 (0) 1 53 45 28 29.

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1 A2Zeurope Strategic and Operational Consulting November , Place Vendôme Paris - Phone: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0)

2 Mission A2Z europe was created to help optimize and pave the way for high tech companies seeking a successful entry and/or expansion in Europe. A2Z europe provides strategic and operational consulting services to qualify European business opportunities as well as define relevant go-to-market strategies with a focus on building customer and partner successes.

3 Challenges Europe consists of multiple markets Global players and global initiatives are not sufficient Need for local references Access to channel of external influencers

4 Alternatives Serving Europe from the US Signing local distribution partners Opening local subsidiaries And/or hiring A2Zeurope

5 From Demand Creation… Press and Analyst Coverage Marketing strategy and programs Access to early adopters Alliances with local and global SIs … to Closing Deals

6 A2Z Value Proposition Leverage existing A2Z relationships from day 1 Relationships in UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Benelux and growing Technical and business expertise Flexible pricing structure

7 Benefits We act as members of your team in Europe We provide one entry point to multiple markets, reducing the complexity while maximizing your investment We build channels and partnerships from the early stage for your European operations Lower cost alternative to building local infrastructure in multiple countries

8 Experience Developed the Financial Services Market in France for Sun Microsystems Opened the Commercial Banking Market for Sun Microsystems on Wall Street with a big win at Chase Created and led European Strategic Sales for Novell’s Directory and Secure Authentication Solutions Opened the eGovernment market in Europe for Novell Created and led the pre-sales department for Information Builders, and Merant’s French subsidiaries. Started Clarify’s operations in Southern Europe Built the SI alliances for Acta Technology in Europe Developed new European alliances program for Ilog

9 References « The two founders of A2Z Europe have been driving forces to open the doors and close key alliances for Acta with major European partners as well as significant local ones. The entrepreneurial approach they are promoting and delivering on make a lot of sense for high technology companies like Acta, willing to go the efficient way to Europe. « Sachin Chawla, Founder of Acta Technology

10 References « The approach taken by A2Zeurope conforms fully with the quality objectives on which our industry is presently focusing. The "Quality Charter", now finalized and agreed upon between IT users and IT service providers, is intended to reinforce the quality of information systems. Key to its success will be the proper qualification of new technology which A2Z provides.» François Dufaux Vice President Europe, Schlumberger Sema President, Federation SYNTEC, French Engineering, Consulting and Software Services Trade Association ( people )

11 References « Our clients demand continuous improvement in every dimension from cost to performance, but also to provide differentiation in their competitive activity.We need to find sources of innovation to work with to develop those capabilities as a constant activity.» Andy Mulholland, Chief Technology Officer, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

12 A2Z Approach Methodology based on background and experience Engagements begin with initial market assessments Work with limited number of clients to ensure focus Tap network of experts and senior professionals

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