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W O R K P L A C E F U T U R E S THE CRYSTAL February 12 th, 2012 With thanks to our sponsors.

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1 W O R K P L A C E F U T U R E S THE CRYSTAL February 12 th, 2012 With thanks to our sponsors

2 2 – GOOD CHEMISTRY Sodexo and AstraZeneca – strategic partnership in action

3 INTRODUCTION – NICK CATON Head of EMEA FM Procurement & Global Category Lead Energy, AstraZeneca  ‘Big Four’ consultancy background, followed by move into industry  Joined AstraZeneca in 2010 to support major change programme in IS Procurement.  2012 focus as part of the EMEA FM business as they moved through a period of significant change through outsourcing and to drive the implementation of supplier ecosystem and service management thinking to support these changes.  2013 focus is to leverage a collaborative supplier environment and realise the benefits from outsourced service delivery model. PHOTO REQUIRED


5 EMEA FM PRIORITIES – A BALANCED SCORECARD APPROACH Continuous Improvement Achieve our financial targets Ensure eFM is a great place to work  Connect with our customers  Focus to improve the Business Performance  Optimise services for our three value delivering customers  Scientist, Operator and Salesforce To be recognised internally & externally for Customer Service Excellence Improved Customer Service year on year All our services meet industry benchmark for service performance To ensure we have the right engagement and capability across total FM to deliver the broader business goals eFM costs to be at same ratio to AZ sales as 2012 and demonstrate improved eFM Service delivery vs external benchmarks

6 THE eFM SUPPLIER ECOSYSTEM  A collaborative partnership between 16 strategic partners  Leaders across the ecosystem have signed up to role-model the right behaviours to make this work  Regular Supplier Engagement & Networking Sessions (three per year) to drive partnering, collaboration and innovation  AstraZeneca supporting strong behaviours in sales pitches, formal recognition and commercial benefits  Facilitation and Intelligent Client role

7 THE PARTNERSHIP – SODEXO’S ROLE Hygiene factors Value factors Cleaning Catering Service desk Innovation Collaboration Relationship development Strategic importance Grounds maintenance Reception/ meeting room services Mail and logistics Technical services – Building fabric, M&E

8 INTRODUCTION – NEIL MURRAY Managing Director, Sodexo Corporate Services IFM  Managing Director of the Corporate Services IFM segment within Sodexo UK&I  Responsible for the largest segment in Sodexo’s UK business with over 7,000 employees  Involved in a Group strategic project to move Sodexo to a Quality of Life service provider

9 THE STRATEGY We focus on the Quality of Life of the consumers of our services Best Cheapest Closest

10 INNOVATING AND ADDING VALUE FOR ASTRAZENECA Relationship model Client - Sodexo What Design of the service, result specifications How Process and methods, organization for the execution of the service How Much Price of the service, cost to use Specified by the client = the request Has to be shared with the client, when « What » is not specified – to be the base for commercial proposal design Heart of Sodexo proposal Sodexo proposal – as a consequence of previous Outsource Client buys capabilities Improve Change Client buys expertise Client buys results Why Strategic issues for the client : why our services are important to them

11 PARTNERSHIP SUCCESS – THE SPECIFICS  Successfully collaborated with ecosystem to deliver financial imperatives through intelligent solutions  Enabled AstraZeneca to focus on core business and key drivers (e.g. R+D) by delivering the right environment to: Attract and retain the best people Focus them on high value activities such as research Support the engagement of people e.g. Wellness  Supported innovation through on-site teams working in collaboration with the Client and ‘competitors’  Understood Client drivers and expectations through our ‘Clients for Life’ Key Account Management framework  Regularly measured consumer experience and engagement with improvement of contract KPIs and delivered a consistently high consumer experience in UK, Sweden and China

12 THE PARTNERSHIP – OUR LEARNINGS 12 –  Partnering doesn’t mean complacency or ‘on a plate’ growth  Laboratory Instruments  Requires open and honest relationships, built on trust and mutual respect  A need for a mature approach to collaboration

13 IN SUMMARY  We mustn't allow the industry to become commoditised  FM holds key levers for business performance  The FM industry must now truly understand the core business landscape of its clients  The industry must adopt a B2C approach – not just B2B 13 –

14 Q&A 14 –

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