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1 VoiceXML Data Logging Specification David Thomson CTO, SpeechPhone SpeechTEK – Aug. 20, 2007.

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1 1 VoiceXML Data Logging Specification David Thomson CTO, SpeechPhone SpeechTEK – Aug. 20, 2007

2 2 VoiceXML Tools Charter VoiceXML Tools Committee Objective: Make VoiceXML easy to use through better tools. Metalanguage Working Group Objective: Create a uniform intermediate application format. Data Logging Working Group Objective: Create a specification for logging runtime data. Open Source Grammars Working Group Objective: Create a set of high-quality ASR grammars.

3 3 Data Log Application Server Devel. Tools VoiceXML Browser Typical VoiceXML System VoiceXML Runtime Data Data Log Metalanguage ASR/TTS Servers

4 4 Data Logging Specification Motivation Problem Runtime data format is proprietary, different for each platform, making analysis across vendors difficult. Solution Define a uniform specification with elements, structure, and syntax.

5 5 Status Draft specification announced today (Aug. 20, 2007) Draft available at Comments invited through November 9, 2007 Did I mention this is a draft?

6 6 Data Logging Entities 1.Application server 2.VoiceXML browser 3.ASR/TTS servers 4.Databases 5.Business transaction servers 6.Human agents 7.Human annotations 8.Development tools (?)

7 7 Data Logging Use Cases & users 1.Application tuning – developer 2.Service usage statistics – operations, marketing 3.Service quality reporting – support staff 4.Traffic engineering – buyer, service provider 5.Real-time system health monitor (?) – operations, support 6.Bill generation – service provider 7.Find grammar & dialog problems – dialog designer 8.Quantify traffic loading – QA 9.Analyze caller behavior – marketing 10.Pre/post-deployment system testing – QA, testing engineers 11.Usability analysis – User interface designer

8 8 Data Logging Types (& examples) Universal attributes (date/time) Telephony-related events (transfer initiated) Prompts (transcription, coder type) Recordings (record ended) Speech Detection and Recognition (start of speech) Application-Related Events (VoiceXML URI, turn) Reusable Components (component executed) VoiceXML Gateway (audio cache hit) Billing (session duration) Configuration (time zone) System (temperature)

9 9 Data Logging – Data Examples VoiceXML session ID ANI Conferencing 3 rd party Playback completed VoiceXML audio cache hits/misses Call duration Database response time ASR version number CPU idle percentage Initializing speech channel

10 10 High-Level Requirements XML-based Proprietary format is OK if a mapping exists Not limited to VoiceXML Minimum set of data must be logged Intra-entity linkages are timestamp-independent. Easily developer extendable

11 11 The first few lines of a log record

12 12 Sample code: Loading a grammar #ABNF 1.0 UTF-8; mode voice; tag-format ; root $MainMenu; $MainMenu = operator | customer service | main menu;

13 13 Data Logging Specification Organization VoiceXML Browser Application Server Speech Recognizer SLAML Model Draft documents exist for the overall SLAML model, the application server, the VoiceXML browser, and the speech recognizer.

14 14 DRAFT Five documents found at the website 1.Data Logging Overview Introduction and high-level description 2.Session Log Annotation Markup Language Specification Defines the overall data logging model 3.Application Server Logging Specification (ASLS) 4.Automatic Speech Recognition Logging Specification 5.VoiceXML Browser Data Logging Specification

15 15 Domain Teams Application server: Intervoice* & France Telecom Voice browser: VoiceGenie* & West ASR server: Lumenvox* & Nuance Overview & style guide: Genesys* & SpeechPhone * Lead members

16 16 For More Information Draft: Feedback: Slides: David – Join: Cindy –

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