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Insider for Oracle The Art Of Performance Tuning.

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1 Insider for Oracle The Art Of Performance Tuning

2 What is Insider?  Comprehensive analysis  Real-time monitoring  Enterprise ready  Cross-platform

3  Drilldown views  Historical analysis  Wait-time analysis  Load analysis Comprehensive analysis

4  Detects problems before they occur not after  Shows statistics in real-time Real-time monitoring

5 Enterprise ready  Can monitor hundreds of databases with a single console  Detects and displays hot standby databases  Cluster-ready

6 Cross-platform  Runs on any platform  Monitors any platform

7 What is Insider used for?  Proactive monitoring  Database administration  Load testing  Capacity planning  Historical performance analysis  Wait-time analysis

8 Proactive monitoring  Monitors your systems 24x7 and fires an alert whenever its performance or availability is at risk

9  View and edit database parameters, user sessions, locks, storage and other vital information Database administration

10 Load testing  Run a load test and get immediate feedback on Insider Instance view

11 Capacity planning  Study past performance and load and make future load predictions based on saved statistics

12 Historical performance analysis  Saves and allows to analyze historical performance information without aggregation

13 Wait-time analysis  Find the bottleneck by analyzing wait events and time spent

14 Insider architecture  Three-tier architecture

15 Insider views – top-to-bottom approach

16 Enterprise view  Provides an overview of all servers  Displays all alerts  Shows primary-standby relationships and alerts  Easy access to 3 rd party tools


18 Instance view  Gives a single server overview  Displays inter-instance alerts  Provides navigation to the drilldown views for a specific component


20 Drilldown views  Rich set of drilldown views help pinpoint a specific problem  The information is preserved for a month to help compare past and current performance

21 Alerts  More than 70 customizable alerts  Can be extended with user alerts

22 Insider key features  Powerful  Easy to use  Extensible  Low impact

23 Powerful  Collects hundreds of statistics  Fires around a hundred alerts  Can handle hundreds of servers  Saves performance history for a month

24 Easy to use DownloadInstallRun

25 Extensible  Pluggable architecture  Custom alerts

26 Low impact  All the processing takes place on the client side, not on the server Collect data Transform, analyze, save Display

27 Who benefits from using Insider?  DBA Monitor 24x7 Detect and resolve bottlenecks Analyze past and predict future performance  Manager Plan resources proactively Get immediate feedback Quick turnaround on ROI  Developer Load test and analyze the impact

28 Who is using Insider?  ING  TransUnion  IFS  Oracle  Stanford university just to name a few

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