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Recording your Adobe Connect/ Lync Meeting Terrance M. E. Evans.

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1 Recording your Adobe Connect/ Lync Meeting Terrance M. E. Evans

2 Host Permissions Must have Host permissions in order to access the Record Meeting option in the Meeting menu. Adobe Connect meetings can be recorded and saved for playback at any time. Adobe Connect records events rather than screen shots, which means that users can play the recording at whatever size they would like, and all the interactive SWF files that a typical participant would manipulate can be manipulated during playback.

3 What happens in the room? Everything that happens in the room is recorded from the perspective of a Participant. Individual breakout rooms are not recorded, but materials from breakout rooms will be included in the recording if a Host brings them into the main meeting room.

4 Recordings edited in two different ways. Online: When editing online, rudimentary linear editing tools are provided. For offline editing, the recording is downloaded as a.FLV file. Offline: Downloaded recordings can also be placed on a different server or on a CD for playback.

5 To Start Recording a Meeting From within a meeting room, select "Record Meeting" from the “Meeting” menu.

6 In the Record Meeting dialog box, enter a name and summary for the meeting recording and click OK.

7 A notifier and a red circle appear in the upper right hand corner of the top menu bar to indicate to everyone in the meeting room that the meeting is being recorded. To stop recording the meeting you can click on the red circle and the notifier will appear and you can click Stop Recording.



10 Edit or Make Offline

11 Edit On The Web Cut Undo Save Revert to original This Bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Use sliders to adjust what to cut out.




15 Recording Your Lync Meeting

16 Stop Lync Recording

17 You will see a notification at the bottom of your screen. When you click it you will get the Microsoft Lync Recording Manager. Publish to the web. Click the Windows Media Recordings Tab.

18 Recordings open in Microsoft Lync 2010 Recording Player and can be viewed from there.


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