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Audacity: a step-by-step tutorial Presented by: Terry W. Hoffland.

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1 Audacity: a step-by-step tutorial Presented by: Terry W. Hoffland

2 Section 1: Gaining Internet AccessGaining Internet Access Section 2: Downloading AudacityDownloading Audacity Section 3: Saving AudacitySaving Audacity Section 4: How to use AudacityHow to use Audacity Section 5: Importing an Audio FileImporting an Audio File Section 6: Download LAME LibraryDownload LAME Library Section 7: How to create an MP3How to create an MP3 Section 8: Listening to your MP3Listening to your MP3 Table of Contents

3 Gain Internet Access From the Desktop, click on Internet Explorer. Note: If you have DSL or dial-up, log in and go to your homepage online.

4 Download Audacity Type into the line or click on the link above. You should see a similar screen to the one shown here. Double Click on the folder labeled “Education.” Note : this will open the folder.

5 Download Audacity Open “jselliot.” Open “Software.”

6 Download Audacity Open “audacity-win-1.2.2 Open “Audacity.” Open the folder “Audacity.”

7 Download Audacity Open “audacity.exe”; this will prompt you to save the software program on your computer. Click “save.”

8 Saving Audacity Choose desktop (where you will save the program to) and then click on “save” to save it. The next step is to click “run.” This will run and install the software program on your computer. If this message appears, click “run” Note: Anti-virus programs will alert you when software isn’t verified by a signature (Audacity start-up icon)

9 How to Use Audacity This is the first screen you will see when you open Audacity. If you clicked “run”, this is what opens; you can also double click on the Audacity start-up icon (on previous slide) to open the software. This button will begin recording your voice; make sure your microphone is plugged into the appropriate hole in your computer. The hole will usually be outlined in pink.

10 How to Use Audacity This button will stop a recording.This button will play the recording. This button will pause the recording during playback or during the actual recording. Rewind Fast Forward

11 How to Use Audacity After you click on “record”, you can begin recording your voice. These red bars indicate the strength and volume of you voice. You typically want to be around -6. These numbers indicate how long the recording is in seconds. These are different tools. If you pass the mouse cursor over them, a short description of each icon will appear.

12 How to Use Audacity When you play your recording, these green bars indicate the playback volume. This line indicates where your recording is currently during the playback, in seconds. Adjusts volume (left or right speaker and overall volume) If you do not like how your recording sounds, click on this “X” and the recording will be deleted.

13 How to Use Audacity These are other options available in Audacity. Move the mouse cursor over each icon for a short description. Other questions can be answered by using the help tab.

14 Importing an Audio File To start the process of importing an audio file, click on the “project” tab. Move the cursor down and select “Import Audio…” Locate your audio file and click “open.”

15 Importing an Audio File This shows the audio file being imported into Audacity. This shows that the audio file has been successfully imported. At this point, you can now record your own voice. Then when you play the recording, you will hear the music in the background. Use the tools on the left hand side of the sound waves to raise or lower the volume of the imported audio or of your own recording. You can make as many audio recordings as you like. You can also add other audio files.

16 Example Recorded Voice Imported Audio File

17 LAME Library is an educational tool used to learn about MP3 encoding. LAME Library needs to be down- loaded in order to obtain the file needed to create MP3’s with Audacity. You do not need to install it. (The following slides will demonstrate how to download LAME Library and obtain the file needed to create MP3’s) Why Download LAME Library?

18 Download LAME Library Open up your Internet Browser. Enter the above Web address or click here Windows users, use this link. Macintosh users, use this link.

19 Download LAME Library Click on any link that that says lame-3.96.1. Click “open.”

20 Download LAME Library Click the dash to minimize the outer window so you can view the desktop. Drag this icon (lame_enc.dll) to your desktop. This will copy the file to your computer. DRAG Leave the icon on your desktop; the download is complete.

21 How to Create an MP3 Open Audacity via the start-up icon. Create your recording and/or import your audio file.

22 How to Create an MP3 Open the “File” tab. Move cursor down and select “Export As MP3…”

23 How to Create an MP3 2. Name your file and click “save.” 1. Determine your save location. Click “yes.”

24 How to Create an MP3 The next step is locating the previous copied file lame_enc.dll. Select it and click open. Click “OK.”

25 After your Audacity file is exported to an MP3, save your work, close or minimize Audacity, and your newly created MP3 will be where you saved it. You can double click on your MP3 and listen to it. Your default player will open when you open the MP3. Typical MP3 playing software includes Real Player and Windows Media Player. Listening to Your MP3

26 This concludes the Audacity tutorial. THE END

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