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Aeschylus’s Life December 16, 2009 Amanda Droutman.

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1 Aeschylus’s Life December 16, 2009 Amanda Droutman

2 Quick Notes on Aeschylus. There was a Greek Play writer named Aeschylus. He was born in 525 B.C. in the city of Eleusis. He died around 456 B.C. He wrote many plays; 7 out of the estimated 70 are still known today. He is considered to be the “Father of Tragedies”. In his time the plays had one actor with masks and a chorus. He was the son of Euphorion.

3 Accomplishment #1 Aeschylus wrote an estimated 70 plays. He won his first victory at the City Dionysian in 484BC. And Aeschylus went on to win twelve more after the first one.

4 Accomplishment #2 Before Aeschylus wrote and directed tragedy, it was originally dialogue between a chorus and one actor. Aeschylus added an actor, who usually took more than one part, because of that the plays had more dramatic conflict. He also introduced costumes, stage decoration, and supernumeraries. Also Aeschylus also appeared in his own plays.

5 Accomplishment #3 Aeschylus was well known for fighting for Greece when the Persian invaders, during Marathon 490 B.C. He also fought again at Salamis and Artemisium in 480 and possibly the next year at Plataea.

6 Collage

7 3 Questions… What inspired you to write all of the plays? How did it feel when you won the Victory in Dionysian? Did you have any unwanted pressure writing or acting in the plays?

8 Bibliography schylus schylus

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