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] The Smallpeice Trust Overview- IMechE February 2012.

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1 ] The Smallpeice Trust Overview- IMechE February 2012

2 Agenda Who we are What do we do, Engineer your Career – IMechE and Engineering UK

3 Who we are An energetic, independent, educational charity promoting worthwhile careers in Engineering, Design, Technology, Science & Mathematics to young people nationwide with a focus on creativity, enterprise, and widening participation Founded 46 years ago by Dr Cosby Smallpeice −Pioneering engineer and inventor −Founded Martonair which specialised in pneumatic equipment Financially supported by investment income, corporate sponsorship and other external funding 1896-1977

4 Key Aims of The Smallpeice Trust Help young people from all backgrounds understand what engineering/STEM is and why it matters Enhance perceptions of engineering as a worthwhile and dynamic career. Offer young people an awareness of the career opportunities within engineering at every level Provide a taste of working with “real life” engineers

5 What we do STEM Enrichment Days and STEM Clubs −Creative design and make, in-school activities for up to 50 students aged 10-16. 16,115 students in 2010-11 −Providing teacher CPD training to deliver STEM days and Clubs ~ 700 teachers a year Residential Courses −4-day, high-quality, highly-subsidised, with a strong engineering design & make content −Groups of up to 120 students aged 13-18 −2,060 students in 2010-11 ‘STEM in a Box’

6 Why we do it – helping to secure our technical future Engaging students in engineering, technology, design, and manufacturing, is critical for rebalancing the economy and enhancing the prosperity and wellbeing of the nation. Skilled technicians are also vital to build, maintain and operate the infrastructure.

7 Quote from teacher about STEM Days: - ”I would like to give you an update on the response by the pupils to the autumn Smallpeice STEM Day. Just after Christmas the school had its options evening where the pupils made their choices of subjects to take in key stage 4. I am sure that the STEM day was still in their minds, because as in normal years we just have enough pupils to run one Engineering group of seventeen. But not this year. In fact we are this year running TWO groups of Twenty Two and have had to turn pupils away. But the very interesting thing is the number of girls that have opted to take Engineering some who are among the high fliers in the school. This I can only put down to the STEM Day.”

8 Engineer you Career 60 sponsored STEM days – 50 x Yr 8 students per day 15 regions – 4 x days per region Choice of Wind Turbine or Capacitor Powered Car Regions nominate Schools and choose the project Smallpeice contact the schools to arrange date for delivery Smallpeice deliver day with support from IMechE ambassadors Help school start after school STEM club – STEM-in- a-Box

9 Partner Institutions & Trusts

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