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Why? Science Technology Engineering Mathematics. Imagine our world…….. ….without aeronautical engineers.

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1 Why? Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

2 Imagine our world…….. ….without aeronautical engineers

3 Imagine our world…….. ….without civil engineers

4 Imagine our world…….. ….without electronic engineers

5 Imagine our world…….. ….without software engineers

6 Warning Over Skills Gap “The downward trend in the number of students that are taking up STEM disciplines is very worrying as a skills shortage makes it harder to attract new investments here” Martin Murphy, MD, Hewlett Packard Belfast Telegraph 03/11/08

7 Programme for Government Primary focus on growing the economy 80% of foreign direct investment in NI in 2008 in: ICT Business and Financial Services Pharmaceutical Industries Aerospace Sectors To compete in a global market need to enhance uptake of STEM subjects in schools Ensure our people have the right skills to deliver economic prosperity now and in the future and increase skills and career choices in STEM subjects (PSA 2:Skills for prosperity)

8 PSA 2: SKILLS FOR PROSPERITY Targets: 1. Increase by 5% the numbers studying STEM subjects in Post 16 cohort by 2011 2. Increase by 25% the numbers of students, especially those from disadvantaged communities, at graduate and postgraduate level studying STEM subjects by 2015.

9 Urban Myth or Personal Experience?

10 STEM Career Perceptions

11 Students’ Views …too difficult Limit my career choices …not interestin g or enjoyable

12 PSA 2: SKILLS FOR PROSPERITY Actions: Take steps to increase uptake of STEM subjects Highlight STEM Career Opportunities and Pathways Increase links with local industry to promote STEM Ensure learning & teaching is planned and delivered in a relevant and enjoyable way Linking subject content and skills to real life (Key Element: Employability)

13 I want to be a……..

14 Career Options Today’s students & parents are unaware of the range of STEM related career opportunities

15 Suresh uses science and maths … … laws of physics, to work out how to move heavy props … knowledge of materials’ properties, to deduce what to make the set from Suresh works and communicates with people, such as: lighting engineers, sound engineers, set designers and set builders Suresh Chawla, Theatre Technician

16 Need for ‘Imagineers’

17 Keeping Options Open STEM Subjects: widen options rather than narrow them: Demand for STEM skilled individuals expected to grow dramatically in the future Open up career opportunities in other occupational sectors Develop employability skills (TS & PC and CCS) often lead to higher paid jobs PricewaterhouseCoopers research 2005 often lead to opportunities to work abroad solving environmental issues software engineering

18 CEIAG STEM Up skill CEIAG/STEM Teachers  Provide up-to-date Labour Market Information in regard to STEM related sectors  Highlight range of possible STEM related career pathways 95 STEM teachers participating in ‘Teacher into Industry Programme’  18 from BELB schools  Focus on Key Element of Employability/work related learning

19 % Increase in Demand for STEM Graduates in UK by 2017…. Warwick Institute for Employment Research

20 So what about Northern Ireland? Forecasting Future Skill Needs in NI April 2009

21 % of Graduates Required by 2020

22 Skill requirement 2008-2020

23 Implications for Young People Less new jobs per annum  1996 – 200813,000 per annum  2008 – 20205000 per annum Increasing demand for STEM subjects  Growing sectors of the economy will require a growing number of STEM graduates and skilled labour Need to ensure young people:  are aware of full range of potential job opportunities  plan relevant and appropriate career pathways leading to sector specific qualifications enabling them to progress as far as possible on NQF

24 Top 40 NI Companies Which of the top 40 NI companies have  predominantly STEM related career opportunities?  some STEM related career opportunities? What might they be? What are the top 10 companies? (No of jobs)  Place in a pyramid 10  How many are STEM companies?

25 “Engineers, Technologists and Scientists at all levels are increasingly vital to our long term economy. There are excellent opportunities for the UK to excel in high-value goods and services but we must ensure we have enough skilled graduates to make this happen; not to mention the thousands upon thousands of technicians required to support these higher level positions” Paul Jackson, Chief Executive, ETB

26 STEM Jobs Examine last week’s job advertisements in the local press  What STEM jobs are being advertised? Do your students know these jobs exist and what each involves?  What level of qualifications are required for these jobs?

27 Key Element Employability

28 Employability – Everyone’s Responsibility Curriculum Aim The Northern Ireland Curriculum aims to empower young people to achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives. Curriculum Objectives To develop the young person as an individual To develop the young person as a contributor to society To develop the young person as a contributor to the economy & environment personal understanding mutual understanding personal health moral character spiritual awareness citizenship cultural understanding media awareness ethical awareness employability economic awareness education for sustainable development Key Elements Personal Development Local & Global Citizenship Education for Employability Home Economics Learning for Life and Work FOR THROUGH The Arts English & Irish Environment & Society Mathematics financial capability Modern Languages Physical Education Science & Technolog y Religious Education Areas of Learning ACROSS

29 Young people should have opportunities to: Investigate how the skills developed through Technology and Design will be useful to a wide range of careers, for example, jobs involving designing, manufacturing and production in a wide range of contexts including communications, construction, engineering, landscape design, product design, fashion, lifestyle goods, media etc. Investigate jobs/companies locally, in which Technology and Design skills are used. (Key Element: Employability)

30 Which Sources?

31 Planning CPD How can we up skill staff to ensure they give up-to-date advice in terms of:  subject specific careers  career pathways relevant Post 16/Post 18 courses  Labour Market Information

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