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Transition to Licensure. DISCLAIMER “While new legislation and administrative rules lay groundwork for the licensure system, many specifics still need.

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1 Transition to Licensure

2 DISCLAIMER “While new legislation and administrative rules lay groundwork for the licensure system, many specifics still need to be determined, so not all questions can be answered at this time. It is better to delay a response to a question than to provide an incorrect answer. Therefore, the State Board of Education, the Regional Offices of Education, and professional associations and unions will provide information on an ongoing basis as additional legislation and administrative rules are promulgated.”

3 Legislation Effective 8/26/2012 Senate Bill 1799 became PA 97- 0607 and made changes to: Certification Testing Requirements Administrative Preparation Programs Provisional Certificates Fees Illinois Teaching Certificates and Programs

4 Lapsed Certificates Effective 08/26/2011 Certificates not registered within 6 months of the expiration date will enter LAPSED status Allows individuals to complete professional development between June 30 and December 31 to renew the certificate before it lapses. Holders of non-registered certificates are NOT legally employable.

5 Lapsed Certificates Two options to reinstate: 9 semester hours of college credit Official transcripts Must be in the area of endorsement within the last five years ISBE form 73-93A Cashiers check for “back fees” $500.00 penalty ISBE form 73-93B Cashiers check for $500 Once reinstated, must register the certificate online

6 Illinois Licensure

7 Your Current Certificate IL has over 30 different types (03, 09, 75 etc) and 3 different levels of teaching certificates: Initial 4 year cycle for teachers in their first 4 years of teaching Standard 5 year cycle for most teachers Master 10 year cycle for teachers who earn their NBPTS

8 Your Certificate Will Become a License The law says No later than July 2013 Certificates will be exchanged for licenses The Current Target date is June 30, 2013 All certificates will be magically exchanged while we sleep! No “types”: 10, 03, 04, 09, 75 etc. No “levels”: Initial, Standard, Master Most will be valid for 5 year cycles

9 When Your Certificate Becomes a License There will only be 3 types “PEL” - Professional Educator License Most regular certificates “ELS” Educator License with Stipulations Paraprofessionals Provisionals Transitional Bilingual Substitute License

10 New Data System

11 ELIS Educator License Information System Replaces ECS All Licenses will Transition seamlessly???? Viewable online No certificate will be sent All applications (for subsequent credentials) will be done online No paper applications from ISBE website or ROEs All PD and renewal will be done online We do not know what this will look like yet

12 Changes will be made to the options and means of recording Some PD options may be eliminated Statements of Assurance (SOA’s) may be eliminated Number of audits will be increased Wait for Administrative Rules Must be in place by July 1, 2013 Professional Development

13 Substitute License Current Substitutes will get a 5 year license and will need to register (valid 2013-2018) They may renew their license in 2018 by paying the registration fee ONLY if they have passed a “test of basic skills” Anyone with a lapsed certificate may not apply for and receive a substitute license

14 Paraprofessionals State approval holders (30 hours) will not receive an educator license with stipulations These approvals will still be valid for non-title I positions. NCLB approval holders will receive an educator license with stipulations These licenses need to be registered by paying $50 before returning to work in the fall. This will be done every 5 years. There will be no professional development or testing requirements for renewal of the license

15 General Administrative Certificates GA no longer issued Preparation Programs will be changing Anyone currently in a program must finish by 09/01/14 Holders of Provisional Administrative Certificates, not eligible for principal positions after 06/30/2013 New Principal Endorsement

16 General Administrative Certificates Current GA holders may exchange for the new Principal Endorsement: By application before 07/07/15 – If they have 1 full year of Administrative experience within last 5 years By application before 07/01/19 – If they pass exam, take ISBE designed academy or complete new program CAUTION: Holders of Principal Endorsements may only ONLY serve as principals and assistant principals!

17 Transitional Bilingual Certificates Will be valid for 5 years (not 8) May add a foreign language endorsement Test required May add LBSI endorsement *Test and coursework required Must complete an approved program Will not be renewed or extended May not work in place of a fully certified (licensed) teacher

18 Out of State Applicants Only comparable programs accepted Must pass required Content and TAP Tests before a provisional endorsement will be issued NO Provisional endorsement issued for principals Provisional will not be renewed or extended


20 ICTS Becomes ILTS The Illinois Licensure Testing System The Illinois Certification Testing System is changing its name to: The Illinois Licensure Testing System Name appears on program materials beginning fall of 2012 No changes to examinees accounts Continue using your current username and password to register for a test and access your scores. Examinees who have previously taken and passed a test will not have to retake the test

21 TSR Becomes EIS Employment Information System Teacher Service Record (TSR) is retired Employment Information System (EIS) Available for reporting on February 1, 2013 Will incorporate the administrator and teacher salary and benefits data Includes ALL employees… not just certified Webinars are currently available for users First deadline is April 22

22 Other News February 1, 2012 - New chart of endorsements available ct_eff_020112.pdf Rules on renewal will be available for public comment this month:

23 Take Action Everyone CALLING ALL EDUCATORS!!!!! Check ECS for accuracy NOW; Print it out! Update your contact information Current Credentials Previous Qualifications Professional Development activities When ELIS goes live, you will not have access to ECS

24 Take Action Standard, Master and Administrative I f you have a standard, master, school service personnel or administrative certificate due for renewal June 30, 2013 (or before) Register NOW! “IN AND DONE, BEFORE JUNE ONE”

25 Take Action Initial Certificates If you have an initial certificate due for renewal on June 30, 2013 - You must wait until July 1, 2013 to register. If you have an initial certificate and you will have 4 years of teaching experience this year, you will not need to show proof of professional development, years of experience or apply for a standard certificate. All initial certificate holders will automatically receive a license on July 1 License will be valid for the same time period that your current certificate is valid

26 Take Action Substitutes Current type 39 (substitute certificate) holders will need to register their new license on July 1, 2013 Pass a test of basic skills by June 30, 2018 Transitional Bilingual Educators Complete a program

27 Where can I get help? Regional Office Of Education 300 Heart Blvd Loves Park, IL 61111 Certification Staff - 815-636-3060 Jamie Watts Stephanie Putzstuck Open M, W, TH, F from 8:00 - 4:30 PM and Tuesday from 8:00 - 5:30 PM

28 THANK YOU Watch a 15 minute webinar and visit frequently for new updates at the following Website: education/teacher-certification/

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