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Healthy Communities Collaborative Promoting Earlier Presentation of Cancer Symptoms – Lung Breast and Bowel Tina Davies Senior Project Manager.

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1 Healthy Communities Collaborative Promoting Earlier Presentation of Cancer Symptoms – Lung Breast and Bowel Tina Davies Senior Project Manager


3 Policy Drivers CRS (2007) NAEDI (2008) CRS 1 Year on (2008) N West Cancer Plan (2008) MCCN Early Detection & Prevention Strategy (2008) Mike Richards @ HCC Workshop HCC Celebration Event

4 Where & Why? 9 spearhead PCT’s - 2 year funding DOH via IF – till June 2009. Funding – salaries, interim events, promo materials Liverpool has some of the highest cancer incidences and deaths in England for breast and bowel cancers and the highest death rate for lung cancer. 6 Council Wards – 119,000 people - Norris Green, Clubmoor, Princes Park, Riverside, Everton and Kirkdale All areas low literacy, BME communities. Volunteer Community Action in all areas. Plan Do Study Act. (PDSA) Professionals and Community work together. Started July 2007 – staff and teams in post January 2008

5 Who? Community Members, CHAT’S and Health Trainers The Liverpool Teams

6 Who? Mixture of local people and paid workers Mapping local area – target groups at risk Monthly meetings in the local area Local & National team members sharing ideas – via Project Manager & workshops Training secondary care – symptoms/signs Screening information No team is the same Ongoing development – further work with primary care services, Sure Start Centre. Get out there in local areas

7 Steering Group Membership Consultant in Public Health (Chair) Head of Primary Prevention (Vice-Chair) HCC Senior Project Manager HCC Project Support Manager Age Concern Marie Curie Merseyside & Cheshire Cancer Network Public Health Neighbourhood Managers Community Members Public Health Cancer Lead Cancer Commissioning Lead Pharmacy Commissioning Lead Environmental Health Lead – Council GP Cancer Lead Improvement Foundation staff Bowel Screening Co-ordinator Roy Castle Foundation Secondary Care Cancer Lead Health Promotion Cancer Lead Collaborative working is the key

8 How???? We use fun and imaginative ways!! Low Literacy issues, Audio Visual, Songs Quizzes, Plays, Films – Simple Information Card Games Language Specific, BME groups

9 HCC Change Principles Segment and target the population – Mapping the areas, look at the population, who is at risk of getting cancer. Targeting this group of people for example men and older people. Use and develop local networks, both formal and informal – We have worked with the CHATs team, Health Trainers and local community groups when looking at informal networks. Formal networks have included the Steering Group members and other PCT departments. Keep the message ‘clean’ and do not confuse it with preventative behaviour change – Ensuring teams are only talking about the early signs and symptoms and not stopping smoking or diet changes. However if people request this information the teams are able to signpost people if required. Ensure the means of delivery is appropriate to the audience – This has involved adequate planning of communication materials and methods. It has meant taking into account equality and diversity and the needs of our local communities, eg ensuring language specific materials are made available and using different methods of communication.

10 Simple Community Information Postcards – recycle information ––community ideas Tick boxes Help Patients & GP’s All information verified by Secondary and Primary Care clinicians – information vetted by community

11 Simple Community Information

12 Humour – Lynn’s Bowel Cancer Campaign

13 So Far, So Good Since Jan 2008 – 8,000+ people targeted Health fayres Respect Weeks Post Office queues “Waiting People” Sheltered accommodation GP Practices Children’s Centres Housing events Community groups Pharmacies Use learning from other Project Managers In pubs, clubs, betting shops Bingo Hall’s BBC Radio Merseyside publicity Active Age Centre events Health Trainers across city raising awareness Links to screening services Use awareness months Boots the Chemist Post Offices Homeless Shelters

14 Excellent to inform people about signs of different types of cancer – to save their lives before complications. It is very useful and informative programme for community development – health promotion and awareness. It is important to involve local people in spreading the information in their communities and taking part in this has been very worthwhile. I am very proud to be part of the Collaborative. It enables people and communities to take control of their health and to deal earlier with symptoms. The project is active, engaging and delivering what is said it would. Keep the good work going. The project is worthwhile it’s working well in communities. Health Combined with Communication and Care Comments from Community & Steering Group Members

15 Data to back it up Data in community – Collected via PDSA Baseline – Hospital Data verified. GP Practice (26 practices) info collected monthly and inputted. Number of urgent suspected cancer referrals (difficulty with non-coding) Number of new cancer cases Number of new cancer cases diagnosed via urgent referral Number of new cancer cases with no spread at diagnosis

16 10 months data By patients presenting earlier it is hoped they will have reduced or no spread of the disease and it will be caught earlier. We are beginning to show that. Baseline 1 April 06 – 31March 07 Data Collected 1 Oct 2007 – 1 Oct 2008 2ww Diagnosis Outcomes Bowel 12%, Breast 0%, Lung 28% No Spread Outcomes Bowel 3%, Breast 1%, Lung 2%

17 Future plans Build on lessons learnt Extend project Planning based on incidence

18 Any questions Contact Details: Tina Davies 707 1555 x 108 or Olufemi Olajide 707 1555 x 135

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