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Early Diagnosis and Primary Care

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1 Early Diagnosis and Primary Care
Rebecca Banks Primary Care Engagement Manager Cancer Research UK

2 National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative (NAEDI)
Public sector / third sector partnership Provide leadership & drive the earlier diagnosis of cancer

3 Subdivision of delay Source: University of Aarhus General Practice Research Department

4 CRUK Primary Care Programme
Supporting clinicians, CCGs, commissioners, public health to prevent & detect cancer earlier in your local community

5 Primary Care Engagement Facilitators
Dedicated facilitator in your local area Face-to-face Tailored to local needs and priorities Practical ongoing support Collaborative working Wirral and Western Cheshire CCG Tomas Edge -

6 Partnership with RCGP & Doctors.Net Educational modules Discussion forums Skin cancer toolkit Referral support Joint clinical lead for cancer Programme of leadership and development for GP Cancer Leads e-learning modules

7 Local Cancer Stats - Turning data into intelligence

8 Local Cancer Stats – Current content
Screening Cervical (young) Cervical (older) Breast Bowel Mortality All combined 5 tumour sites Smoking related deaths Premature cancer deaths Survival All combined Early Diagnosis Emergency presentations Two week wait 62 day treatment Diagnostic Waiting Times 31 day treatment Incidence All combined Lung Prostate Cervical Breast Bowel Smoking Smoking rates Smoking in young people Rates (Routine and Manual workers) Smoking related deaths Support smokers to quit Site specific: Lung, breast, bowel, prostate, cervical

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