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Prostate Cancer Awareness Raising in Nottingham’s African Caribbean Community.

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1 Prostate Cancer Awareness Raising in Nottingham’s African Caribbean Community

2 Nottingham City Council

3 Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness Week Nottingham Survey 2009 36% of ethnic minorities in Nottingham were not sure or unfamiliar with the signs and symptoms of cancer. 47% did not know how to reduce their cancer risk 55% had a family member who had experienced cancer.

4 Prostate Cancer Charity Nottingham Council House 2007

5 Nottingham City 2008 estimate (ONS) Current City population 286,400, 44% of the Greater Nottingham population of 647,100. 23% of the population were in Black and Minority Ethnic groups (non-White British), compared to15.3% in England. (Previously 19%).

6 Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in Nottingham City

7 The Project (Sponsored by Nottingham City PCT) Raising Awareness of Prostate Cancer in African Caribbean men (September 2009)

8 Council Wards (20) & Ward Map Hyson Green/ Radford St Anns

9 Estimated 1500 African Caribbean men living in Nottingham who are over 50 (Sept 09)

10 Project Aim and Objectives To increase awareness of signs and symptoms To increase early presentation to primary care (GP’s etc) To identify barriers to earlier presentation To address concerns and dispel myths

11 Consultation and Proposal August 09 to group of African Caribbean professional health and social care volunteers The African Caribbean Health Network ACHN Decided 4 Awareness raising sessions would be delivered via 2 community orgs.

12 Activities

13 Co-operative Community Action

14 CCA Awareness Raising Sessions Lunchtime event – Is your man ting alright? Learning Centre Ultimate Barber’s Domino Club tournament Community Centre Ultimate Barber’s Domino Club tournament Community Centre

15 Bright Ideas

16 Bright Ideas Awareness Raising Sessions Below the waist domino tournament Community Centre Below the waist Comedy Club Community Cafe

17 Resources Prostate cancer quiz Prize draw via raffle linked to evaluation Anatomical Models passed around PCC Leaflets and Booklets handed out. Viewed DVD (F. Chinegwundoh) Q & A sessions User friendly evaluation forms Comedy Club

18 Health Professionals Prostate cancer advice sheet prepared Sent to GP surgeries in St Anns and Hyson Green. Advice sheet 1.Summary of prostate cancer NICE guidelines for investigation and referral 2.Information for doctors to discuss with men requesting a PSA test.

19 People involved in delivery Specialist Registrar in Public Health (PCT Lead) Local GP (ACHN member) Prostate Cancer Support Group members Barber (Ultimate Barbers Shop) 2 African Caribbean Community Centre staff. African Caribbean Singer. Project Managers from both organisations. Other team members from both organisations BME Cancer Information Specialist. Local Comedienne (Mona Lisa Productions). Prostate Cancer Nurse Specialist and Outreach team

20 Learning Community based organisations have good reach into the target population and contacts that were utilised in organising events. Using them to organise the events meant that they engaged with the project and that individuals working for them increased their awareness and knowledge of prostate cancer

21 Learning Continued The impact of the sessions is continuing. A number of attendees have approached staff seeking further information following the sessions. There are also a number of requests for further sessions.

22 Barriers to presentation Lack of understanding around what prostate cancer is Fear of finding something is wrong that affects ability to have sex Fear of finding out something is wrong Ignorance of the fact that prostate cancer is 3X more common in African Caribbean men Embarrassment Pride Loss of dignity Embarrassment Pride Loss of dignity

23 Support A significant number of men who attended felt that there should be a specific support group based in the African Caribbean community.

24 What the men said CCA Feedback at the end was very positive. 92% said they had learned something by the end of the event. 100% said they would take some action after the event. (Some men diagnosed since the events).

25 Bright Ideas There was some discussion about different food stuffs and nutrients and their ability to prevent cancer

26 120 Black men reached within 2 months 71 were over 50

27 Recommendations (PCT) Prostate Cancer Awareness Raising continued via Change Makers (NCAT funding). Update all GP’s regarding the increased risk of prostate cancer in African Caribbean men and the revision of the Prostate Cancer Risk Management Programme (2009). Disseminate learning, as appropriate

28 Nottingham City PCT gained evidence via the project to fund Prostate cancer awareness raising in the 2 identified areas

29 Healthy Communities Collaborative Project Change Makers for cancer launched in 2008 in 3 areas of deprivation Community volunteer led cancer awareness raising project supported by professionals Initial focus on Breast Cancer Bowel Cancer Lung Cancer Prostate Cancer from 2010

30 Rose Thompson BME cancer Information Specialist BME cancer.communities 0115 9348482

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