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Nick Clarke Interim Head of Public Health Locality Development

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1 Nick Clarke Interim Head of Public Health Locality Development


3 Working in Partnership Ageing Well was an intensive programme of support for councils delivered by the Local Government Association and funded by the Department for Work and Pensions. It aimed to support local authorities to: Promote independence and wellbeing amongst older people aged Prevent avoidable ill health and injury. The focus was on people who were currently either completely independent or whose level of need was below the Fair Access to Care Services threshold. Norfolk’s approach to Ageing Well has a clear focus on prevention using asset based community development.

4 Norfolk’s approach to Ageing Well has a clear focus on prevention
Norfolk’s approach to Ageing Well has a clear focus on prevention. Ageing Well programme activities were piloted in three very different Norfolk localities – Breckland, Great Yarmouth and Norwich – in 2011/ Norwich – Community Agents Project (led by Age UK Norwich) in Mile Cross & Bowthorpe - Great Yarmouth – working with the Borough Council and Health East Older People’s Network to take forward the key themes which emerged from the pilot (Expanding volunteering, Supporting Need, Partnership and Integration). - Breckland – Sloppy Slipper Exchange (led by the Older People’s Forum).

5 Moving Forward Roll out the Ageing Well approach via new projects working closely with Public Health’s Healthy Communities Initiative Delivery plans for Ageing Well (which has 12 months) and Healthy Communities (18 months) are being planned together

6 Some of the evidence that Community health works…
NICE Public Health Guidance 9 – Community Engagement to Improve Health, 2008. Department on Health: Saving Lives, Our Healthier Nation, 1999. Choosing Health, Public Health White Paper, 2004. Improvement and Development Agency, Reaching out community engagement and health. Working for a Healthier Tomorrow, Dame Carol Black, DofH, 2008. Healthy People, Healthy Places, LAA’s and Health, IDeA, 2007. Our health, our care, our say: a new direction for community services, DofH, 2006.

7 Overview Based on the work of Thetford Healthy Town & Breckland Healthy Communities (Attleborough, Dereham, Swaffham & Wayland) Funding agreed (£290,000) by the Health and Wellbeing Board in August 2012. Steering group led by DPH and other key heads of departments at NCC Carol and Nick, (appointed Jan 2013), to set up the project and report to steering group.

8 The Communities Norwich Healthy City
The indicators we have used are all those from the DPH report and additional indicators at MSOA level. The indicators were grouped into the following categories Demography and Deprivation Children and Young People Working Age Older People Emergency Care Mortality and Inequality Total The MSOA values for the different indicators (%, DSR, Counts etc.) have been standardised to z scores. At the moment all indicators have equal weight. However, this could be changed in the future. The weighted scores are then added together to arrive at the overall score for the MSOA. Figure 1 shows the MSOAs with the highest overall need.

9 Healthy Communities process
1 Identify Communities Consult with and identify need 2 Engage and Enable Empower and share 3 Train and support Sustain and embed

10 Our ‘Agents of Change’…
Aside from the community members themselves… Healthy Communities Project Manager (Carol) Community Health Engagement Officers (x 2 posts recruited in April 2013) Volunteers Health Ambassadors – active community members Partnership working (assets) - Councillors, District Councils, NCC depts, 3rd sector organisations, Pharmacies, GP Surgeries, workplaces, CCG’s, community organisations and groups etc The PH directorate

11 The ‘Tools’ Produce a Healthy Community Guide (toolkit) - Working with NRCC Local audit of assets & services in the community - use them! Asset Based Community Development(ABCD) Creation of Community Health Groups Recruit & train health ambassadors Activate – Community Health Support Grant Health Fairs & events – based on ‘values’ and ‘hooks’ Library of visual tools Community Health Interactive Learning courses

12 Cont: Marketing collateral On-going communication support
Healthy Community campaign calendar

13 ‘Norfolk Healthy Communities starts and ends with the Community’

14 Outcomes There are priority areas for which there will be individual outcomes: Priority area 1: Community Awareness. Priority area 2: Community engagement and capacity. Priority area 3: Partnership working and long term commitment.

15 Evaluation We know through experience that each community will be evaluated in different ways depending on their criteria. Evaluation will be implemented from the start; working closely with all partners involved. Aims and objectives-(what the engagement strategy expects to achieve Inputs-(what resources have been dedicated to community engagement) The process of engagement-(how engagement will actually be implemented) Outputs-(what the expected products of engagement are) Outcomes-(what the expected effects of engagement are) Finally…the evaluation will focus on whether the aims and objective of the strategy have been achieved, with a view to revising aims and objectives and adjusting the strategy to be more inclusive if needed. What went well & MORE importantly…what didn’t go well!

16 Any Questions?  For further information about Ageing Well, please contact: Ms Denys Ngu Project Development Worker, Norfolk County Council Development Team, Carrow House, 301 King Street, Norwich NR1 2TN ; Tel:   For further information about Healthy Communities, please contact: Carol Doherty/Nick Clarke Norfolk’s Living Well Communities Tel Tel: Public Health, Room 707, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2DH

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