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Roboworld KUKA KR180-PA Robosuit Installation Instructions Version 10/10.

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1 Roboworld KUKA KR180-PA Robosuit Installation Instructions Version 10/10

2 Be sure to remove any valve packs, j-box, brackets, etc from the robot before beginning this process. The suit is designed to fit the casting of the robot only. If the robot is dirty, it is suggested that it be cleaned as well before suit installation. NOTE: It is recommended that the suit be installed with the adhesive backed Velcro attached to the suit. Once the individual suit pieces are properly installed on the robot, the adhesive sided Velcro must be attached to the robot to stabilize the suit for high speed operation.

3 If you have received a stationary base cover, install this first. Be careful to cut hole in gum-rubber panel for hard stop.

4 Install joint 3 Servo Motor Cap

5 Install the upper arm section. Picture sequence 1,2,3 and 4 (over next few pages) show the proper method. The flexible conduit remains inside the suit and can be accessed using the two "gooseneck" panels. If the conduit is not used, attach the supplied flat Velcro panels. Note how the joint 3 servo motor cap attaches to this piece.

6 Picture 2

7 Picture 3

8 Picture 4

9 Install the lower arm section. The flexible conduit clamps must first be removed from the robot and re-attached through the Velcro panels in the suit piece. A "gooseneck" opening near joint 2 allows the conduit to exit the suit piece. A Teflon protective sleeve must also be attached over a wear surface as shown in pictures A and B. Begin the installation by placing the balance unit end between and through the arm and rear linkage and extend it over the balance unit. Picture sequence 5,6,7 and 8 shows the completed procedure.

10 Picture 5

11 Picture 6 – Note…Cut the gum rubber to allow for sync mark to extend out

12 Picture 7

13 Picture 8

14 The remaining piece is the front and rear linkage piece with a hole for the joint 3 cap. The convolutions at each end attach to the two arm pieces with Velcro and snaps. See pictures 9, 10 and 11.

15 Picture 10

16 Picture 11

17 Fully Assembled Suit on KR180-PA Robot

18 At this point, SLOWLY move robot to watch for interference. The robot will need to move (slowly) with suit installed in order to settle into place.

19 Any questions or concerns on installation, please call Roboworld at 262.339.0584 or 216.798.5839

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