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MODULE V CDL Pre-route Victoria Creech Training Representative.

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1 MODULE V CDL Pre-route Victoria Creech Training Representative

2 CDL Pre-route and Bus Familiarization

3 Topics to be Discussed Basic Description of a School Bus Physical Characteristics of a School Bus Problems Caused by These Characteristics Danger Zones Overview of the CDL Pre-route

4 Description of a School Bus A school bus is defined as a motor vehicle regularly used for the transportation of prekindergarten through grade 12 students of the public schools, to and from school or to and from school activities...... and owned, operated, rented, contracted or leased by any district school board.





9 .


11 Danger Zones

12 ABS Brakes What are they? How do they work?

13 CDL Pre-route – 78/84 Passenger

14 Front of Bus Level Student Lights Red (left/right) Clearance Student Lights Amber (left/right) Headlights (left/right) Leaks Turn signals (left/right) Safety Arm

15 Check All Mirrors West Coast (left/right) Student Crossover (left/right )

16 Left Side of Bus Stop Arms (front/rear) Emergency Door Reflector Tape Reflectors (3) Turn signals 4-ways (front/rear) Clearance (3) Strobe

17 Front Tire Tire Tread (front) Tire Wall Rim Valve Stem Lug Nuts Hub Seal

18 Front Brake Brake Hoses or Lines Brake Chamber Slack Adjusters & Push Rod Drums/ Rotors Linings or Disk Pads

19 Steering Steering Box Hoses Linkage—pitman arm, drag link, tie rod ends

20 Front Suspension Springs Spring Mounts Shocks U-Bolts

21 Rear Tire Tire Tread (rear) Tire Wall Rim Valve Stem Lug Nuts Axle Seal Splash Guard Evenly Spaced

22 Rear Brakes Brake Hoses/Lines Brake Chamber Slack Adjuster Push-Rod Brake Drum / Rotor, Linings / Disk Pads

23 Rear Suspension Leaf Springs Mounts U-Bolts Shocks Air Bags Air Mounts Torque Arm

24 Under the Bus Drive Shaft Frame Exhaust System

25 Rear of Bus Check for Level, Leaks Clearance lights Red Student Pick-up lights (left/right) Turn signals Amber Student Pick- up Lights (left/right) Reflectors (left/right) Reflector Tape Brake Lights (left/right) Back-up lights (left/right) Tail lights (left/right)

26 Engine Compartment (left side) Hoses (Leaks) Alternator Water Pump Belt (s) Coolant Reservoir Hoses (Leaks) Wires

27 Engine Compartment (right side) Hoses (Leaks), Air Compressor Engine Oil Level Power Steering Reservoir Pump (gear driven)

28 Right Side of Bus Baggage Compartments Fuel Area Passenger Entry Door

29 Inside of Bus Passenger Entry Step Light Mat Handrail

30 Emergency Equipment Fire Extinguisher Emergency Triangles Fuses First Aid Body Fluid Kit

31 Safe Start Seat Belt Parking Break Gear Selector in Neutral

32 Engine Start ABS Light Temperature Oil Pressure Voltmeter Air

33 Engine Start Student Mirrors West Coast Cross Over, Washers Windshield Heater Defroster Horn Wipers

34 Brake Test Alarm & Light Emergency Brake Activate Parking Brake Air Leak

35 Light Indicators Headlights (High Beam) Left Turn Right Turn Headlights 4 Ways Student Amber Student Red

36 Exterior Lights (front) Clearance Lights Headlights (low/high beam) 4-Way Signals (left/right) Student Amber Student Reds Safety Arm Stop Arm & Lights

37 Exterior Lights (rear) Strobe Student Amber Student Red Clearance Tail Lights Left/ Right, 4 Ways Brake Back Up Lights & Alarm Red Reflectors

38 Inside Bus Checking Seats Windows Windows Door Hatches

39 Questions???

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