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AN EMERGING GEOPHYSICAL SERVICE COMPANY 1 Technical Presentation, September, 2011.

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1 AN EMERGING GEOPHYSICAL SERVICE COMPANY 1 Technical Presentation, September, 2011

2 2 Disclaimer & Trademark Notice: The SFD survey system represents an early stage reconnaissance technology, which is continually undergoing refinement, re-development, enhancement and modification. Prospective clients, users and investors are cautioned as to the various risks associated with employing early stage technologies, which include but are not limited to financial and business risks, performance and operational risks, customer risks and others. The SFD sensor is a quantum particle device. Quantum particle devices obey stochastic physical laws and consequently may not consistently provide repeatable measurements in time or space. All interpretations of SFD data, whether provided by NXT or its advisors or users are based on inferences from quantum geophysical data. Such interpretations, while believed reasonable and prudent at the time, may be expected to change significantly as additional data and or information become available. SFD ® is a registered trademark of NXT Energy Solutions Inc.

3 3 NXT Energy Solutions Inc. NXT Energy Solutions Inc. is a service provider to the upstream Oil & Gas Industry: SFD® Survey System SFD ® Survey System Engaged in exploration reconnaissance. We identify and rank high-potential prospect leads using a unique airborne survey method. A Canadian Public Company

4 4 Exploration Prospect Resolution Continuum Aeromagnetics & Gravity LowHigh Hi-Res Aeromag 2-D Seismic 3-D Seismic Inter-well Seismic SFD ® Inferred knowledge of Trap & Reservoir detail steadily increases Basin Level Prospect Level Well Level Gravity Gradiometry SFD ® SFD ® : Survey position within the prospecting spectrum SFD ® SFD ® : Stress Field Detector

5 5 STRESS in materials Active stress – produces energies (ex: piezoelectricity, Kaiser Effect) Static stress – affects energy propagation (photoelasticity & seismic AVO) More colors mean higher internal shear stresses Light propagation in the absence of stress

6 6 The elastic (shear) differences create stress anomalies oblivious to conventional gravimetry, but detectible by the SFD sensor - due to field rotational effects. In this example, the porous sandstone and the shale carry the same density. Equal density implies equal gravitational acceleration. Therefore, mass-based gravimeters yield the same measurement value over both. SFD ® SFD ® Why detect Stress.....

7 7 SH min SH max Gravity field is distorted by stress Discontinuities affect regional/local stress distribution changes in stress orientation entering reservoir SFD ® SFD ® responds to perturbations in the gravity field related to changes in stress direction

8 8 Consider the simple case of a carbonate reef buried within a shale basin. Shale Basin Carbonate Reef Fluid-Filled Porosity Shmax Stress Vector SFD ® SFD ® Stress Anomalies.....

9 9 Stress “Refraction” Anomaly along the Reef Front Stress “Dissipation” Anomaly within/around the Porosity By Inference – SFD ® signals are used to identify areas with reservoir and trap potential SFD ® SFD ® Stress Anomalies.....

10 10 Signal Relaxation Anomaly Ladyfern Reef Gas Field (825 Bcf), Northeastern British Columbia, Canada 5 km Map Signal Coverage (22 km) SFD ® SFD ® Example Signal..... SFD detects correctly positioned 0.25 km 1.0 km SFD detects an excellent signal relaxation anomaly corresponding to the Ladyfern reef. This anomaly is correctly positioned within 0.25 km of the northern reef edge and 1.0 km of the southern edge. Actual Extent of Reef

11 11 SFD ® SFD ® Operating Premise Gravity exists as an equidimensional field within an isotropic & homogeneous body Gravity in the Earth’s Crust is locally distorted by Variations in Mass Density (rock type & distribution) Variations in Rock Stress (fluid traps & distribution) Traditional and Gradiometry Surveys Rotational Gravimetric Survey - SFD ® by ”Magnitude” effects Field “Shape” effects

12 12 Gravity and Stress are inter-related 2 nd order tensors through Einstein’s field equation: T00 T01 T02 T03 T10 Sh1 Sxy Sxz T20 Syx Sh2 Syz T30 Szx Szy Sv Stress Tensor where: [ E ] is the Space-Time Gravitational Tensor [ T ] is the Stress-Energy Tensor Shear stress SFD ® SFD ® Gravity & Stress.....

13 JQI has “developed a novel design for a highly compact, ultra-sensitive quantum device to measure subtle changes in gravity using atomic interferometry.” It may “be used to search for natural resources beneath the Earth’s surface.” Quantum detectors are now being proposed by prestigious researchers. August 2010 NXT is ahead of the curve with the SFD ® sensor. Further Technical Validation 13 Source: ‐ a ‐ new ‐ design ‐ for ‐ a ‐ gravimeter.html ‐ a ‐ new ‐ design ‐ for ‐ a ‐ gravimeter.html

14 14 SFD® The SFD ® Exploration.....

15 15 Kick-Start New Basin Evaluation Kick-Start New Basin Evaluation Conduct Rapid Prospect-Scale Reconnaissance Conduct Rapid Prospect-Scale Reconnaissance Minimize Environmental and Community Impacts Minimize Environmental and Community Impacts Explore Areas with High Security Risks Explore Areas with High Security Risks High-Grade Unexplored Acreage High-Grade Unexplored Acreage Evaluate Bid Round Blocks Evaluate Bid Round Blocks Shorten the Exploration Cycle: Shorten the Exploration Cycle: Reduce Discovery Time Manage Discovery Costs Reduce Discovery Time - and - Manage Discovery Costs Our customers want to.....

16 Seismic showed them where to drill. SFD ® showed them WHERE TO SHOOT Prospect-Scale Reconnaissance 16

17 NXT’s Global Reach 17 SFD survey locations Encal Energy Renaissance Energy Nexstar Energy Montana Exploration CamWest Exploration Infinity Oil and Gas Rosetta Energy Virtus Energy Pacific Rubiales Ecopetrol Hocol BP Colombia Petro Dorado PCR (Argentina) Syrian Petroleum Company Pakistan Petroleum Limited offices

18 SFD ® (Stress Field Detector) Proprietary Citation 560 jet aircraft Survey altitude: 3000m Environmentally Friendly Identifies areas of reservoir potential both onshore and offshore 18

19 SFD delivers Focus quickly and cost effectively Data Coverage for $2 Million (SFD or Seismic) SFD Seismic 10,000 sq. km. Comparison of Geophysical Methods 19

20 20  SFD is not a direct hydrocarbon indicator  Cannot determine exact drill location  or differentiate reservoir fluid types  or define exact depth of reservoir  or distinguish the number of stacked reservoirs, unless they have unequal lateral extensions SFD ® SFD ® Survey System Limitations

21 21 “The SFD ® survey system allowed us to do a timely evaluation of our TEA block in the Putumayo basin. We are making extensive use of the SFD ® data concurrently with the rest of the information to select the best areas for future exploration.” Dr. Jairo Lugo Sr. Vice President, Exploration, Pacific Rubiales Energy “[SFD]…is a technique that measures the energy associated with tectonic stress in substructures and therefore is helping assess those areas that are very remote, very complicated to acquire seismic. Integrating these techniques with the existing knowledge, [such as] the geological surveys and seismic information, helps us to understand the structural pattern of the area and define and prioritize the areas where we are going to follow up with some more detailed seismic. We used [SFD] and the results were very encouraging… we plan to continue using this modern technique in some of those remote areas where seismic is very complicated and expensive to shoot. This doesn't mean we are not going to shoot seismic, but it helps to plan the seismic coverage in big areas where you need to prioritize the seismic coverage” Jose Francisco Arata President, Pacific Rubiales Energy except from presentation at Raymond James investing in Colombia conference, Sept 13, 2010 Testimonials

22 Focus is the key Cost Time Risk E&P Success = LOW FINDING COSTS 22 REDUCES SFD ® : Fast Tracks the Exploration Process

23 23 Key Contact Information: George Liszicasz, Chairman and CEO Andy Steedman, V.P. Operations Azer Mustaqeem, M.Sc., P.Geoph., Geoscientist NXT Energy Solutions Inc. Telephone (403) 264-7020 Fax (403) 264-6442 Website:

24 24 SFD® The SFD ® Case Studies Click Here for SFD Case Studies

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