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Israel Energy Conference Eldad Weiss Chairman & CEO.

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1 Israel Energy Conference Eldad Weiss Chairman & CEO

2 The Opportunity “ Knowledge, not petroleum, is becoming the critical resource in the oil business” The right company at the right time The Atlantic Monthly

3 The Role of the Geoscience Knowledge Company Develop & Transfer Knowledge Provide technical information solutions through Products and Services and support of local knowledge staff

4 The Changing Business Environment Extract more value from existing assets Flexible asset interchange Shortage of knowledge staff New challenges for Geoscience knowledge providers

5 Global Oil Field Life Cycle Support Qualify Exploration Targets Optimize Drilling Design Enhance Reservoir Production Transforming oil field measurements into reservoir knowledge Value- Added Knowledge for Reservoir Development Paradigm Geoscience Knowledge Solutions Value- Added Knowledge for Drilling Engineering Value- Added Knowledge for Reservoir Exploration

6 Integrated Business Solutions Houston Calgary Caracas Villahermosa Buenos Aires Rio de Janeiro London Aberdeen Pau Bahrain Tyumen Beijing Perth Brisbane Jakarta Kuala Lumpur Moscow Almaty Global Vision, Local Action

7 WEB-ENABLED BY e–GEOSCIENCE The Paradigm Reservoir Analysis System Available through licensing and global services Focus GeoDepth Power Surveyor Probe EarthStudy Data Processing & Reservoir Imaging Reservoir Navigator VoxelGeo InterpretX GeoScene Explorer GeoSec SolidGeo iMap Visualization & Integrated Interpretation Well Planning & Drilling Stratimagic Vanguard SeisFacies NexModel Geolog DirectorGeo Sysdrill Director Slider Pump-IT CaseWell SaG RAMS Reservoir Characterization & Petrophysics

8 How Does Paradigm’s Leading Edge Technology Provide Added Value to the Industry?

9 A Sharper Image 20th century21st century Modern Migration Algorithms:

10 Substance from Multiangular Imaging Imaging angle amplitude Fetal brain Reflection point angle-driven ray tracing AVO: Gas bearing reflector Tomography and AVO:

11 AVO: Direct Indicator for the Presence of Gas A known example: A producing Gas Reservoir Migrated Image AVO Gradient Gas Presence No Gas Actual AVO Data

12 Gas Prospect Migrated Image AVO Gradient Gas Indication Gas Indication in Oil Fields LTD. Franchise Delineated by Paradigm co-interpreting AVO attributes and actual data Actual AVO Data

13 Surface seismic data (e.g. AVO attributes) Drill well logs from existing wells OIL Producing Well Water-Only Producing Well Rock properties section Reservoir Characterization

14 3D Visualization and Mapping of the Oil Producing Body

15 The next well will be drilled for optimal reservoir exploitation Combined 3D Interpretation of the Reservoir

16 Well Planning & Drilling Operations Directional Well Planning Survey Management Torque & Drag Analysis Hydraulics Analysis Casing Design Survey Tool Correction Drilling Information System

17 Paradigm – An Industry Leader Industry leader in application integration (PG 2.0, PG 3.0) Industry leader in visualization technology (Reservoir Navigator, VoxelGeo) Industry leader in imaging technologies (Earth Domain Imaging, Full–Wave, Time, Depth) Industry leader in providing global-scale, high-end processing services

18 Next Generation Technologies PC,UNIX,Linux,e-Geoscience Products and Services


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