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2 Disclaimer and Forward-looking Statements This presentation is not intended to be used as an Offering Document. The information contained in this document may include forward-looking statements including opinions, assumptions, estimates and expectations of future prospects for the Company and financial projections. When used in this document, the words "anticipate," "believe", "estimate," "expect," "intend," "may," "project," "plan," "will," "should" and similar expressions are intended to be among the statements that identify forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are subject to a wide range of risks and uncertainties, and although the Company believes that the expectations represented by such forward-looking statements are reasonable; there can be no assurance that such expectations will be realized. Any number of important factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements including, but not limited to, volatility of oil and natural gas prices, changes in the oil and gas industry, the Company’s ability to implement corporate strategies and obtain financing, the state of capital markets, operating and technology risks, changes in general economic conditions and other factors more fully described from time to time in the reports and filings made by the Company with securities regulatory authorities. Neither the TSX-Venture nor the OTC Exchanges accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of any information contained in this document. 2

3 3 NXT Energy Solutions Inc. NXT Energy Solutions Inc. is a service provider to the upstream Oil & Gas Industry: SFD® Survey System SFD ® Survey System Engaged in exploration reconnaissance. We identify and rank high-potential prospect leads using a unique airborne survey method. A Canadian Public Company Expanding worldwide client base (PEMEX, Pacific Rubiales)

4 4 Capitalization TSX-V: SFD, OTCBB: NSFDF Capitalization - Shares Outstanding (millions) 41.5Common shares issued 8.0* Convertible Preferred shares (convert at 1:1, mature Dec 31, 2015) 3.0Stock options (average exercise price $0.84) 4.5Warrants (US $1.20 exercise, expire from March 8 to May 4, 2014) 57.0Fully diluted # of shares D&O Insider Ownership – 19.6% Basic, 31.5% Fully diluted 52 Week High/Low: $0.56 - $1.65 90 day average trading volume ~ 45,000 shares Debt-Free Balance Sheet ~ $3.5 million cash * Does not represent debt or debt service…converts 1:1 to common on achievement of milestones

5 5 ManagementNon-Executive Directors Geosciences Advisory Board George Liszicasz Chairman & CEO Greg Leavens, C.A. Chief Financial Officer Andy Steedman, M.B.A V-P Operations Charles Selby Caledonian Royalty Corporation Mickey Abougoush Teknica Overseas Ltd. Tom Valentine Norton Rose LLP Krishna Vathyam Petrodorado Energy John Agee Business Advisor Dr. George Iusco Repsol Dr. Cleveland Jones State Univ. of Rio De Janeiro Dr. Arief Budiman Univ. of Calgary, Canada Extensive public company experience Solid global management experience Outstanding scientific credibility Board, Management and Advisors

6 R apid identification of high-potential oil and gas prospects at low cost, both onshore / offshore, in any terrain. 6 SFD® SFD® System V erification / evaluation of seismic prospects for reservoir potential - thereby reducing drilling risk SFD ® (Patent Pending)

7 The aircraft Cessna 560 Citation jet (fly at 3,000 meters, 500 km/h) The SFD Sensors 3 systems of multiple sensors Data recording equipment (2,000 cycles / second) Aircraft positioning system GPS based, tracks flight lines SFD ® Data Acquisition System

8 8 SFD® SFD® System Exploration spectrum Aeromagnetics & Gravity Hi-Res Aeromag 2-D Seismic 3-D Seismic Drilling SFD ® Inferred knowledge of Trap & Reservoir detail steadily increases Gravity Gradiometry Reconnaissance Prospect LevelBasin LevelWell Level Prospect Identification Prospect Verification Cost $30 $110 $300 $1,400 $30,000$90,000$10-250 million (Line-km)

9 9 SFD ® grid (5x5) km 2D-Seismic SFD ® - More focused information, quicker and with no environmental footprint Area = 10,000 Km 2 Prospect Identification

10 SFD quickly and cost effectively evaluates seismically identified prospects for reservoir potential – reducing drilling risk Offshore Coverage Prospect Verification 10 Prospects identified by seismic SFD evaluates reservoir potential of prospects Data integrated to choose best prospect and to minimize drilling risk Seismic Prospects SFD lines Best Prospect

11 11 SH min SH max Gravity field is distorted by stress Discontinuities affect regional/local stress distribution changes in stress orientation entering reservoir SFD ® SFD ® responds to perturbations in the gravity field related to changes in stress direction

12 12 The only tool that identifies trapped fluid at Stage 1 of exploration - Disruptive Technology with Global Impact SFD signal over Ladyfern Field, Canada 1.62 Trillion cu. ft. Rec. SFD® Anomaly Ladyfern Field Signal Response SFD signal over Rubiales Field, Colombia 500 million bbls Rec. SFD® Anomaly Rubiales Field Signal Response

13 13  SFD ® complements other tools, especially seismic  identifies and ranks potential trapped-reservoirs  identifies other major geological anomalies (ex: faults)  identifies natural fractures in resource plays  cannot differentiate reservoir fluid types (water or oil/gas)  cannot determine exact drill location  cannot define depth of reservoir  cannot distinguish the number of stacked reservoirs without lateral offset SFD ® Capabilities and Limitations

14 Focus is the key Cost Time Risk E&P Success = LOW FINDING COSTS 14 REDUCES SFD ® Fast Tracks Exploration Environmental Footprint

15 Offices/Agents SFD Projects Proposed SFD Projects Mexico South Asia Mediterranean Colombia Peru & Bolivia Africa

16 Programa operativo 16 1 2

17 SFD - Growing Industry Acceptance SFD® - Growing Industry Acceptance 17 Highlights of the PEMEX 2012 SFD survey project: $5.8 million Covered large varying geological areas and the Gulf of Mexico (e.g. salt traps) SFD Survey was designed both as a “blind-test” to assess SFD® correlation with existing geophysical data and producing fields and to identify new exploration prospects SFD Total project with SFD® recommendations was delivered in only 4 months Project results High correlation between SFD and seismic anomalies 47 of 64 known field identified, representing 98% of total reserves flown, missed fields less than 2km in lateral extent. SFDPEMEX and NXT co-authored a technical paper, which includes SFD® / seismic correlation. The paper was presented at NGO Conference in Cartagena, Colombia July 24. The paper won the best exploration paper award at the 6 th Annual Congreso International Bolivia Gas and Energia 2013 Conference.

18 18 Cuenca Salina del Istmo Golfo Profundo SE NW SE NW Anomalía PMX-2.16, Segundo orden, Clasificación (1+B+) Buen potencial de trampa, Buen potencial de yacimiento, confiabilidad (1 ) Anomalía PMX-2.17, Segundo orden, Clasificación (1+B) Buen potencial de trampa, Potencial moderado de yacimiento, confiabilidad (1)

19 SFD® Recommendations Discovery SFD® Recommendations vs. Discovery NXT conducted 10 surveys for 5 clients totalling more than 7,000 line kilometers NXT conducted 10 surveys for 5 clients totalling more than 7,000 line kilometers Wells drilled on SFD recommended leads 1112 Commercial discoveries 7 0 Prediction Success Rate 64% 100% Estimated 1.26 Billion BBL OOIP 4 Field Discoveries Wells drilled in areas rejected by SFD Wells drilled in areas rejected by SFD 19 Example of NXT Survey Results Llanos Basin, Colombia (2009-2012):

20 20 2012 – A Record Year - $11 million Summary of recent contracts and near-term pipeline objectives. Near-term Objectives StatusLocationUS$ Value CompletedColombia, Guatemala$ 3.5 million CompletedArgentina$ 1.65 million CompletedMexico$ 5.8 million CompletedBelize$0.5 million Completed Q1-13South Asia$ 2.66 million Follow-up opportunities Central & Latin America $ 15 million OpportunitiesAsia$3 - $8 million OpportunitiesOther$4 million In 2012

21 21 Source: Spears Oilfield Market Report, 2010; Barclay’s Original E&P Spending Survey, 2010; NXT Market Analysis $12 Billion Global Geophysics Market 2010 E&P Market: $447 Billion 1% = $120 million A Vast Market Opportunity

22 1. Service Fees 2. Data Sales In Colombia alone, over 40,000 km of proprietary data have been acquired. Additional data added with each new survey 3. Royalties Existing GORR contracts in Canada (Pengrowth ~ BC Horn River Basin; Alberta ~ Swan Hills) 4. Vertical Expansion Equity ownership in prospects Long term service contracts Expanding Potential Revenue Streams 22

23 23 Growth Strategy – Organic growth Where: - Latin America (core area for NXT) - Asia - Arctic and Atlantic Coast - Mediterranean and Africa Who: - National Oil Companies (i.e. PEMEX, Ecopetrol) -Medium sized International (i.e. Pacific Rubiales) How: Leverage - Access - Awareness - Acceptance - Application Focus on areas where SFD has a Competitive advantage Large Land Owners / International Leverage Remain focused

24 SFD ® SFD ® Highlights 24 Value Added Service - Increase Client Exploration Success Identify potential hydrocarbon traps Rapid and cost effective project execution An Expanding, High-Margin Business Have surveyed in numerous countries in multiple geological settings Strong repeat business opportunities Non dilutive growth formula Profitable And Vast Market Opportunity SFD market is global – onshore and offshore Unique Proprietary Service Patent Pending No direct competitors Quantum technologies are the Future


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