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27.09.2012, Beograd Dr. Wolfgang Bauer CEO 360plus Consult GmbH

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1 27.09.2012, Beograd Dr. Wolfgang Bauer CEO 360plus Consult GmbH

2 2 Company Services References

3 3 The company History: Founded in 2005 by a group of geologists and engineers with long practical experience in geothermal, oil & gas and drilling. Milestones: 2006: For the first time operation of a foreign seismic company in Germany 2006: Development of an exploration strategy for hydro- geothermal systems on fault related damage zones and in fractured reservoirs 2007: Development of an exploration concept for hydro- geothermal systems based on milestones for minimizing of risk 2008: First 3D seismic survey for geothermal exploration in Germany 2010: Services for Oil & Gas industry

4 4 Business areas & expertise Hydrocarbons Oil & Gas Unconventionals Geothermal energy Hydrothermal systems EGS Enhanced geothermal systems Expertise We are a group of subsurface and exploration experts with an outstanding expertise, quality and network We combine expertise from oil & gas and geothermal energy We deliver reliable information

5 5 Company Services References

6 6 Consultancy and planning Consultancy Project management Prospect evaluation Due diligence Licence management Reports Planning Project planning (time & budget) Approval procedures Tendering

7 Geology Interpretation of geological data Geological studies Evaluation of prospects Outcrop analogue studies Well log interpretation Core analysis Geothermal gradient 7

8 Remote sensing Lineament analysis ASTER/SRTM, Lidar Detection of active tectonic fault zones Geomorphological mapping Fracture density 8

9 Structural geology Investigation of the regional tectonic stress field Orientation of the main stress directions Determination of stress magnitudes Palaeostress analysis Fracture analysis Borehole breakout analysis, DIFs Frac gradient Pore pressure prediction 9

10 Fault zone analysis Fault kinematics Critically stressed faults Fault seal Shale gauge ratio (SGR) Slip tendency Dilation tendency 10

11 Fractured reseroirs 11  Interpretation of data (outcrops, cores, logs)  Outcrop analogue studies  Geostatistics  Fracture analysis  Orientation and permeability of fractures  Fracture modelling  Stress field simulation

12 12 Seismics Planning of seismic survey Approval procedures Interpretation of seismic data Reflection and faults in time Interpretation of log data from wellbores Depth conversion Experience > 530 km 2D seismics > 830 km² 3D seismics > 400 km 2D Vintage seismics

13 Reservoir Reservoir characterisation Log Interpretation Seismic geomechanics Modelling Reservoir development Definitions of drilling targets Optimization of well bore trajectory Near-field stress field around a borehole Amelioration of the wellbore stability Hit the maximum number of permeable fractures 13

14 Modelling Geological modelling Thermo-mechanical simulation Fracture propagation Reservoir properties High permeability zones Geothermal modelling: Fluid and heat transport simulation with FeFlow Pressure drawdown Thermal interference 14

15 15 Company Services References

16 16 Our Experience Europe Germany Austria France Spain Italy Turkey Asia Singapur China Africa Marocco Central America Costa Rica Honduras

17 17 Some of our customers Stadt Hersbruck Infra fürth gmbh Stadt Weinheim Alle Marken sind Eigentum ihrer jeweiligen Besitzer.

18 18 Our goals in Serbia Become recognized as a reliable supplier of high quality exploration know-how for geothermal energy and oil and gas. We are looking for partners to Develop a long term partnership Share our expertise in geothermal exploration Start a cooperation for business on the Balkan and in other countries (also with respect to subsidies from the EU and/or KfW)

19 19 360plus Consult GmbH Karlstr. 54 D - 76133 Karlsruhe +49 7 21 - 46 46 39 - 0

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