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Chapter 5 Deformation of the Crust

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1 Chapter 5 Deformation of the Crust
Mountain Formation

2 Individual mountains are parts of ________________________.
Adjacent mountain ranges make up a ________________________. The largest mountain systems are part of two even larger systems called _________________….the circum-Pacific belt, and the Eurasian-Melanesian belt.

3 Plate Tectonics and Mountains
Both mountain belts are along __________________ plate boundaries…believed to be responsible for most mountain formation. Some mountain ranges may have formed where now __________ plate boundaries may have collided in the past…______________________.

4 Continental—Oceanic Collisions
_______________ causes the continental crust to be pushed up to form mountains. Melting rock creates ________ which rises to the surface, forming ______________. Example…The ___________ mountain range in the Pacific Northwest.

5 Oceanic—Oceanic Collisions
Subduction causes melting of rock. Magma pushes up through the crust to form ________________ volcanoes. A volcanic ______________ is the result. The Mariana Islands in the North Pacific Ocean are the ____________ of volcanic mountains that rose above sea level.

6 Continental—Continental Collisions
No subduction. When continental crust collides, it is _________________ to form high ____________ mountains. The rock layers are squeezed together like an ______________. Example…the ___________________.

7 Plateaus Large areas of _________________ rock lifted high above sea level. Found next to folded mountains. The rock layers are pushed upward _____________________ that they remain flat instead of deforming and folding into mountains.

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