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Types of plate boundaries

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1 Types of plate boundaries
Divergent plate boundary Oceanic spreading ridge Continental Rift zone New rock produced Convergent plate boundary Oceanic-oceanic convergence Continental-continental convergence Mountains Uplifted Oceanic - continental convergence Subduction, Mountains, Volcanoes Old rock destroyed at Trench Transform plate boundary Earthquakes

2 Divergent plate boundaries

3 Oceanic spreading ridge E.g. Mid-Atlantic ridge

4 new basaltic magma rises to the surface along the ridge forming new oceanic crust

5 What the central rift looks like in a spreading ridge

6 Continental Rift zone E.g. Africa and Iceland

7 Divergent plate boundaries on land form rift valleys
Divergent plate boundaries on land form rift valleys. New oceans are starting to open in these places. These rift valleys often have volcanoes lining them.

8 Diagram of a rift valley E.g. West African rift

9 Oldoinyo volcano erupts inside the Africa rift zone

10 Rift valleys will increase in size till water fills them to form a Sea

11 So was the Atlantic Ocean!
The Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden were once rift valleys. So was the Atlantic Ocean!

12 The formation of the Atlantic ocean

13 Convergent plate boundaries

14 Types Convergent plate boundaries
Oceanic-oceanic convergence E.g. Japan, New Zealand Oceanic - continental convergence E.g. Andes, Sierra Nevada's Continental-continental convergence E.g. Himalayas

15 Oceanic-oceanic convergence
Subduction zone with deep trench!

16 Trench Island arc Piled up sedimentary rock: This rock will go through the rock cycle as the ocean floor subducts (metamorphic then melt into magma)!!

17 Japan is an example of an Island Arc system
Trench Island arc

18 Continental-continental convergence

19 The sub-continent of India has collided with the Eurasian continent to form the: Himalayas and Mnt. Everest!!

20 Old ocean sediments Mountains: Folded Rocks due to collision Uplifted plateau

21 Oceanic - continental convergence:
Subduction Zone!! – Rock is DESTROYED! Crust is pushed up: (UPLIFT) – Mountain building. E.g. Andes mountains


23 The Andes


25 Transform plate boundaries


27 North American plate Pacific plate

28 Volcanoes and Plate boundaries

29 The interior of Planet Earth

30 Model of the Earth’s interior


32 Model of how convection currents in the mantle drive plate tectonics

33 Model 1

34 Model 2

35 The Plates

36 Plate boundaries and Hot spots

37 Summary:

38 Mountain roots




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