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Tectonic Plate Boundaries

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1 Tectonic Plate Boundaries

2 Types of Boundaries Convergent Divergent Transform

3 Convergent Two tectonic plates collide Three types: Oceanic-Oceanic
Continental-Continental Oceanic-Continental

4 Oceanic-Oceanic Two oceanic plates collide
The denser one subducts beneath the other Subduction zone Volcanoes can form The denser plate melts and becomes magma Magma can be forced up through vents

5 Oceanic-Continental An oceanic and a continental plate collide
The denser oceanic plate subducts beneath the less dense continental plate Subduction zone Volcanoes can form The denser plate melts and becomes magma Magma can be forced up through vents

6 Continental-Continental
Two continental plates collide The plate are of equal densities They buckle and thicken, pushing the crust upward Mountains form

7 Divergent Two tectonic plates move away from one another

8 Divergent Seafloor spreading occurs at divergent boundaries
Volcanoes can form at divergent boundaries Plates move apart and expose a vent Magma slowly rises to the surface Magma cools and hardens into new oceanic lithosphere

9 Transform Two tectonic plates slide past each other horizontally

10 Transform Earthquakes typically occur at transform boundaries
Stress builds up and is eventually released, causing a violent shift The movement from this shift is an earthquake

11 Volcanoes at Hot Spots A hot spot is a place beneath the earth where very hot magma exists. When a plate moves over a hot spot in the mantle, a vent can be exposed Fountains of magma punch through the crust

12 Summary Three types of boundaries Convergent Divergent Transform
Oceanic-oceanic Oceanic-Continental Continental-Continental Divergent Transform

13 Summary Volcanoes form at: Convergent Boundaries Divergent Boundaries
Oceanic-oceanic Oceanic-continental Divergent Boundaries Hot Spots

14 Summary Seafloor spreading occurs at Earthquakes typically occur at
Divergent boundaries Earthquakes typically occur at Transform boundaries

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