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Elevating Professional Services Thoughts for [CEO] on PSO expansion and growth.

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1 Elevating Professional Services Thoughts for [CEO] on PSO expansion and growth

2 PSO Development Outline Approach and Objectives Discovery and Validation Example Prioritization Short Run – 90 days Long Run – 180 days

3 Elevating PS: Approach Approach should be an iterative and parallelized effort that supports concurrent delivery, expansion and maturity across core tracks: Installed base and backlog Expanding services, IP and capabilities Methodology and tooling Performance optimization and incentives (Team) Management, reporting and sales interlock

4 Elevating PS: Objectives PSO objectives need to be defined in a structured and measureable manner, tying directly back to goals/strategies of the overall business Performance and profitability Expansion drivers – Revenue, including software drag – Service offerings/expertise – Strategic (clients, knowledge/leadership) Product interlock and leadership

5 Discovery Snapshot of the enterprise Company – What are driving decisions in 2010? – Including board & financials, client pressure, 3 year plan Sales – How are we performing and forecast? – What is driving change, success and challenges? Channel? Product - Key areas here that require awareness and integration – (1) Current Suite, (2) Futures, (3) One-offs, (4) Support Clients – Need to understand existing profiles, commitments, opportunity and challenges – Especially, who is in-flight and offers opportunity to expand Services – Everything from financials, performance to team profiles, challenges and success factors

6 Validation & Protestation Team profile 2010 PSO objectives (Why?) Steady state requirements Service expansion strategy, budget and plan – Including consultants, training (PSO, Sales), marketing and tooling Interlock requirements

7 Short Run ET and Board Synch – Define core objectives to drive HD success Team Synch and 1:1s – Existing services definition and method – Current projects, backlog and forecast – Historical performance metrics Including utilization, project GP, investments – At-risk or one-off commitments – Overall challenges to success Identify and shape new service opportunities – Existing customers and new targets – Engage SME? Networking – Connected to S/W? Installed, new, complementary Sales and product review Client and prospect road show Review any scaling requirements and present proposal

8 Long Run Team - Build and mature team to cover broad expanse of defined services that showcase S/W and thought leadership – Establish strategic partners for scaling both technology and functional (esp. Intl) Services - Expand service offerings AND skill-base to support success and widen footprint of S/W – Promote and deliver value-added services that enable streamlined and improved business processes in the domain, ideally leveraging software and field tooling (including more technical integration) – Expand training and enablement for partners and clients Method - Continue to harden methodology and IP for re-use and profitability – Estimation through delivery of all service offerings Operations – Refine model to support growth and traceability Management – Establish results-oriented, consulting culture – Effective interlock with both product and sales for continuous leadership and differentiation with the Product – Establish common role structure with career development paths

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