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ZKiVision-Pro-v5.1 Introduction

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1 ZKiVision-Pro-v5.1 Introduction

2 Contents: 1. Introduction 3. Brief information
2. System Topological Graph 3. Brief information 4. Hardware configuration 5. Simple using 6. Linkage alarm 7. Face feature 8. Application

3 Introduction ZKiVision-Pro-v5.1 software intergrates an attendance system, access system and IP camera. It implements the attendance, access and video surveillance functions. (ZKiVision) (ZKTime5 ) (ZKAccess3.5)

4 System Topological Graph
Access control Access management Real time Monitor Time Attendance Shift management Attendance report Database ZkiVision Client Video monitoring and management Real-time monitoring and video playback LAN Exit Button SC700 Inbio series IP Camera NVR Biocam 300 1

5 Brief information Support devices limit note Cameras IP Camera
36 channels real-time monitoring,25 channels record at the same time NVR Access devices Access controller Access devices and Attendance devices less than 50 units Support Pull and Stand alone SDK Stand alone Access devices Time attendance devices

6 Hardware configuration
Operation System:Windows 7/8 CPU:Intel Core i5 RAM:4G Video Card: independent video card, memory 1 g, recommend the NVIDIA GT 630 or higher NIC : Gigabit

7 Installation Installation optional Access control Att module
Face Version

8 3 Device list/Group list
Preview 1 Button bar 2 Tab bar 3 Device list/Group list 4 Control panel 5 Preview window 6 Event list 1

9 3 E-map window/Video play window
1 Map list 2 PTZ Control Panel 3 E-map window/Video play window 4 Toolbar .

10 Play back . Manual video Planned video Alarm video Video search panel
Timeline panel Playback window Manual video Planned video Alarm video

11 Event Log search panel Log list Playback window

12 Access Integrated ZKAccess3.5  to management access devices and realize the linkage between IPC and access device.

13 Multi- screen Can realize the module like Preview, E-map, Access, attendance display in the different screen.

14 Biocam300 Support add Biocam300 in it. Real-time monitor
Time attendance function with face Access ControlDoor setting choose “Time attendance“ Device choose device get Event for Attendance 2-2.5m 2-3m

15 Linkage linkage Motion detection Video record alert Popup window
auxiliary Open door Face linkage Detect other user、detect blacklist user 、video record、open door and other linkage Access linkage The access signal linkage: Video record capture alert Auxiliary output

16 Face recognition Select face temple to register Enable face function
Add user information Face recognition

17 Simple Access linkage-card and fingerprint
Face recognition and black list Face linkage Motion detection and E-map Time attendance iclock680 Stand alone device linkage Biocam 300

18 Application 1 Requirement 2 Capacity Storage 3 Product list

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