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ZKTeco”pull”Access Control Function Introduction

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1 ZKTeco”pull”Access Control Function Introduction

2 Contents: 1.Time Zones 8.Door Sensor 2.Holidays 9.Interlock
3.Multi-Verification 10.Anti-passback 4.Access Level 11.Linkage 5.Door Passage Mode 12.First-Card Opening 6.Duress Password 13.Multi-Card Opening 7.EmergencyPasswd

3 1.Time Zones: Software Device different Time Zones for access
Arrange Time period Software Time Zone Deny Device After work time I cannot enter

4 If urgent, pls contact to me
2.Holidays: when holiday, access deny Assign Holiday Software Access Deny Device Enjoy your holiday If urgent, pls contact to me

5 3.Multi-verification: FP/PWD/Card, FP&PWD, only Card, etc

6 4.Access Level: Where When Who Who
assign multi-access purview for different user Both in S/W and Device we can assign different access level by changing the details of 3W+H. Door Where Multi-Access Level Time zone When Boss FP/PWD/RFID Security Department Who user Who Normal Employee

7 Some area open for you already
5.Door Passage Mode: special access level for visitor Simple speaking: this is a path for visitor without verification Time zones When Doors: normal open Where Visitors Who Second floor Some area open for you already Have a good journey

8 6.Duress Password: when opening the door with Duress PWD/PF, it will alarm 1. Set a Duress PWD/FP via software 4. Trigger Alarm 2. Verify with Duress PWD/FP 3. Door open

9 7.Emergency Password: the user can use Emergency Password to open the door 1. Set the Emergency PWD via software 2. When someone verify on reader with Emergency pwd My God! Fire! Fire! Fire! 3. Door Normal Open Note: Emergency password is effective in any time zone and any type of verify mode.

10 8.Door Sensor: Software Q:what’s Door Sensor
A:It’s used to detect statues of door, open or close 3 type of sensor setting: None: S/W didn’t check. Normal Close: door normal close Normal Open: door normal open S/W will wait for 15s to check door status When verify successful The door should open 5s. Software Door close, ok open 5s Example: After 15s verify After 5s it should be closed Door still open, alarm

11 9.Inter Lock: in multi-doors gallery or room,
only one door could be opened every time Three doors are set as inter lock one door is open At the same time The others cannot open

12 10.Anti pass back: When user go out , he must have record of entrance, otherwise he cannot open the door Once he punch on device It trigger Anti-pass back event and alarm. He cannot open the 1st 2nd 3rd door Because he have not entered record 1st door is open One guy enter the place without verify

13 11.Linkage: An event trigger the other action Example Alarm Fire Event
Door Open More.. Example Detect fire Real time Monitor

14 Continually punch 5 times to close door
12.First-Card Opening: special permission to change the door sensor as normal open Software 1. Select door 2. Select Time zone 3. Arrange user Keep door open verify Continually punch 5 times to close door

15 13.Multi-Card Opening: + +
more than one guys punch together to open door Hey, guys Let’s go inside and take the gold. I can’t access only by myself. + + Security Manager Others Only Punch one by one, the door will be opened.

16 Thank You! Global R&D Service Center 0086-0755-89602345

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