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Emile Agenor 11/29/09 Professor Tim Johnson Introduction to Engineering and Technology.

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1 Emile Agenor 11/29/09 Professor Tim Johnson Introduction to Engineering and Technology

2 Drunk Driving Drunk driving is the single largest cause of motor vehicle deaths in the US. A car breathalyzer is one of the latest technological advances for prevention of DUI offenders.

3  According to Automotive Columnist, Eric Peters, GM, Toyota and a few others are working under the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety, which is a $10 million federal program trying to develop such technology for mass production  At the moment, the only people who have to deal with (and pay for) in-car Breathalyzers are convicted drunks

4  A car breathalyzer, also known as an ignition interlock device, requires drivers to give a breath sample before starting their cars.  If the breathalyzer detects a certain amount of alcohol, the car simply will not start.

5 In a potential bid to corner the celebrity market, Nissan is developing an in car Breathalyzer. In-Car Breathalyzer

6  Courts mandate the installation of a car breathalyzer as a deterrent for those convicted of DUI.  They are permanently installed by professionals often at considerable cost, which is paid by the defendant.

7 Cedric Benson, of the Chicago Bears, was required to have an ignition lock breathalyzer installed in his car

8  By 2012 or so, in-car breath sniffers could be standard equipment in every new vehicle sold  According to USA Today, current breathalyzers cost about $1,000 and the newer systems are expected to cost about the same.

9  More states are beginning to require in car breathalyzers for people convicted of multiple DUI or DWIs.  Missouri has recently passed such a mandatory requirement for second offenders.  New York state legislators are considering requiring the devices on all cars and trucks by 2009

10  Costs to the Defendant  The cost (plus tax) to the convicted person for an ignition interlock device is:  $12 Interlock fee  $70 for installation  $67.50 for monthly monitoring and calibration  $100 refundable deposit or a $5 monthly insurance charge

11 The man blows into the breathalyzer device in order to hopefully start his car

12  According to Time Magazine, There are already about 150,000 interlock systems now in cars in the U.S., placed there for drivers with multiple DUI convictions.  So far only 11 states require interlocks for anyone with one conviction who is currently driving on a DUI-restricted license.

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