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Driver Privileges and Penalties

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1 Driver Privileges and Penalties
Chapter 7

2 Driving…Privilege or Right?
Question: Is driving a privilege or a right? Answer: Privilege, which is why NJ can suspend or revoke driving privileges. Question: Should driving be a right? Why or Why not?

3 Driving Under the Influence…
Drivers 21 and over found driving with a BAC of .08 or more will be penalized. Driver’s under age 21 found driving with a BAC of .01 or more will be penalized.

4 Under 21… If a driver under 21 drinks or purchases alcohol in a bar or liquor store, they may be: -Fined $500 -Lose license for 6 months -Possible Alcohol Education treatment center -6 month suspension begins when driver is first eligible to receive a license if they do not have one.

5 DUI Penalties… What happens to you when you abuse your driving privileges? Activity: In your groups, research and write down the mandatory penalties for the following offenses (use the Driver’s Manual for research). Each group will briefly present their information to the class. #1 1st Offense, BAC .08 to .10 #2 1st Offense, BAC .10 or more #3 Underage 1st Offense, BAC .01 to .08 #4 2nd Offense, Alcohol or drug related DUI (within 10 years of 1st offense) #5 3rd Offense, Alcohol or drug related DUI (within 10 years of 2nd offense) #6 1st Offense, Driving with no insurance #7 1st Offense, Drinking alcoholic beverages while driving or riding

6 Penalties… Present your findings in order from 1 – 7.
1st Offense DUI ( ) -3 month license suspension -$ fine -12 to 48hrs in IDRC -$230/day fee for IDRC -Up to 30 days in jail -$100 Drunk Driving Enforcement Fund Fee -$100 Alcohol Education Fund Fee -$1,000/year surcharge for 3 years -$75 Safe neighborhood Fund Fee -Possible Interlock Device for 6 months to a year Drinking and Driving…Is it worth it?

7 Penalties Continued… 1st Offense DUI (.10 or more)
-7 moths to 1 year license suspension -$300 to $500 fine -Plus all other fines/penalties from 1st Offense DUI (.08 to .10) 1st Offense DUI Underage (.01 to .08) -30 to 90 day suspension of driving privilege (beginning immediately or when the driver is eligible for a license) -15 to 30 days community service -Participation in IDRC or Alcohol Education and Highway Safety Program Sobriety Test

8 Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC)
-State Law requires all drivers charged with DUI attend IDRC -While there, drivers will attend an alcohol and highway safety education program -A decision will then be made if further treatment is necessary -If further treatment is required, a driver will attend at least a 16 week treatment program -Participation is required in IDRC for re-licensing

9 Ignition Interlock Device
If convicted of DUI, you may be required to install an Ignition Interlock Device on your vehicle. The higher your BAC, the more probability you will be required to have one. Repeat DUI offenders are likely to have one installed. A driver must blow into the device before the car will start. If the driver’s BAC is .05 or more, the car will not start.

10 Other Motor Vehicle Violations…
Activity: In your groups, take a few minutes and create a list of all the violations you can think of regarding motor vehicles. -Unsafe Driving -Reckless Driving -Abandoning a car -Carrying Alcohol -Ice and Snow -Speeding -Failure to comply -Insurance Fraud -Drug Offense -Hit-and-Run -Lying on Application -Forgery and Fraud -Driving While Suspended

11 Other Violations Continued…
A person over 13, but under 18, may have driving privileges postponed if convicted of graffiti A person under 21 may have driving privileges suspended or postponed for 6 months if convicted of setting false alarms.

12 The Points System… The Motor Vehicle Commission keeps track of a motorist’s driving record by adding points to the record when the motorist is convicted of a moving violation. The more serious the violation, the more points a motorist is given. Up to three points will be subtracted from a driver’s record for every year the motorist goes without a violation or suspension.

13 Point Value of Violations…
See if you can guess the amount of points for each violation… Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian in a Crosswalk 2 Points Racing on a highway 5 Points

14 Point Value of Violations…
Operating a vehicle on public or private property to avoid a traffic control signal or sign 2 Points Improper Passing on Right or off-roadway 4 Points

15 Point Values of Violations…
Tailgating 5 Points Speeding 1 – 14mph over the limit 2 Points Speeding 15 – 29mph over the limit 4 Points

16 Point Values of Violations…
Failure to stop at a traffic light 2 Points Improper Passing of a School Bus 5 Points

17 Points on your Record… All Drivers begin a 2 year Probationary Period when they receive their special learner’s permit or examination permit. During that, a Driver Can Not: -Have 2 or more Moving Violations -Totaling 4 or more Points If They Do… -The driver must enroll in the Probationary Driver Program -After complete, 3 points will be removed from their license

18 Points on your Record… A driver who accumulates between 12 and 14 points on their record in a 24 month period must attend a NJ Driver Improvement Program. After Completion of the class, the driver will have 3 Points removed from his or her license A driver will be on a 1 year probation after completion of the class

19 $150 $25 Points on your Record… A driver who accumulates
or more Points in Years Will result in a Surcharge of… $150 $25 For Each Additional Point Plus

20 Points on your Record… If you want to voluntarily reduce points on your record, a driver may enroll in a Defensive Driving Course. Defensive Driving Course will: -Provide drivers with collision preventing techniques -Provide drivers with increased safety skills -Remove 2 points from their record -Reduce insurance rates (most likely)

21 Don’t be like… Both are Habitual Offenders, or someone who has had their license suspended 3 times in 3 years or John Purkey Sarah Sylviano Unless you want a life of…

22 Be a Safe Driver… New Jersey does not allow any conditional or special work licenses, so if you lose your license, its… or The Bus Grandma Taking you to work…

23 There will be a quiz on chapter 7 and 8 tomorrow!
Let’s Review for a Quiz! There will be a quiz on chapter 7 and 8 tomorrow!

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