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Early Education and Care Board Meeting Child Care Financial Assistance January 14, 2013.

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1 Early Education and Care Board Meeting Child Care Financial Assistance January 14, 2013

2 Project Goals & Objectives To implement a new Child Care Financial Assistance system (CCFA) – That is more efficient for end users by addressing pain points: Intake, Attendance, Billing, Reporting, adapting to policy changes – Replaces aging legacy applications (consolidation) – Adaptable to the changing needs of the agency – More robust reporting capability NEW approach to developing the application – New project strategy 2

3 Project Overview 3 Same basic functionality Improved overall performance and maintainability Reduction in fraud and waste

4 New Strategy 4 Iterations – SMALLER CHUNKS of business functionality Certain iterations may be run in parallel to optimize resource allocation Entry into iterations Exit after validation Dev Review Programming Testing Demo Business Feedback Retrospective Prototyping

5 CCFA Modules 5 IntakeEligibilityPlacementAttendanceInvoice/Billing Organization Management Administration Contract Management Reports 9 modules encompass the scope for the CCFA Application

6 Site visits COMPLETED 6 Site VisitTypeDate ABCD - BostonCommunity Service AgencyApril 11th ABCD – Monthly Power User Meeting - BostonCommunity Service AgencyMay 1st South Shore Stars - WeymouthProviderApril 17th Guild of St. Agnes - WorcesterFamily Child Care SystemMay 22 Child Care Resources - WorcesterCCR&RMay 22 Child Care Choice of Boston - BostonCCR&RJune 4 NEFC - SpringfieldCCR&RJune 5 CCR&R monthly meetingCCR&RJune 13 Community Day Care - LawrenceCCR&RJuly 25 Child Development and Education – MedfordFamily Child Care SystemAug 7 Community Action Committee of Cape Cod - Hyannis CCR&RSept 17 Child Care Works – New BedfordCCR&RSept 17 12 visits have been conducted. These visits were not conducted in previous efforts and are providing significant and valuable findings

7 IT Project Management Team IT Development Team IT Business Analysis Team ITD Technical Architect IT Quality Assurance Steering Committee EOE Secretariat CIO (Executive Sponsor) Business Team Oversight Committee  Legal – General Counsel  ITD – Capital PMO Office  Fiscal- EOE CFO  EOE Representative Project Governance Project governance provides a framework for the organization of responsibilities and decision-making capabilities and ensures reviews and approvals occur at appropriate stages of the project. 7 ITD Chief Capital Planning Officer Project Advisor EEC CIO CFO Gen Counsel

8 Key Milestone Meetings Stakeholder Kick Off Conducted September 6th – Fiscal, Legal, Policy, IT PM Connect – Nov 7 th CCFA and agile presentation – Received positive feedback on project approach and progress Demo Strategy: – Session with end users & session with stakeholders – Smaller scope (30 min), more frequent (target 2 weeks) Demo 1 conducted week of Nov 12 th Family/Person and Provider Search Demo 2 conducted week of Dec 2 nd Add Person and Family Demo 3 conducted week of Jan 6 th Authorizations 8

9 Improvements on Search Functionality What we heard – Efficient search displaying relevant information What we implemented – Filter narrows down search results efficiently 9

10 Existing Systems - Search 10 CCIMS – 13 years old eCCIMS – 8 Years old

11 Improvements – CCFA system Single Application Single Database 11 Flexible Rules Maintainability Performance Usability

12 Appendix A - Business Modules ModuleDescription IntakeThe Intake module provides the functionality for the user to gather required documentation and add family data into the CCFA application. Before adding a family or person the user can search the system to ensure this family or person is not already receiving subsidized care. The ability to capture household income and activity details along with document management function is also part of the Intake process. EligibilityThe Eligibility module will determine the eligibility of a family, subject to a set of rules, to receive subsidized care. The result of the eligibility determination will be “eligible” or “ineligible”. An authorization comes from a positive eligibility determination. The eligibility module also provides the functionality for the re-assessment, calculation of the parent fee, and eligibility override. Organization Management The Organization Management module provides the functionality to manage the various organization types involved in providing subsidized care. From the Organization Management module a user will be able to search for or view information on a licensed or un-licensed organization, add an un-licensed organization, add the contact, schedule, program & rate information and view the licensing information and Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) rating for the organization. A user will also be able to edit programs and add or edit the program rates. CCFA will interface with Licensing Manager (LM) and QRIS to draw on relevant information about organizations. AdministrationThe Administration module provides the functionality for user management and security. It provides the ability to administer state maximum reimbursement rates, maintain SMI percentages for eligibility and manage reference (lookup) codes. The Administration module will also offer the ability to manage the documents presented for eligibility determination. 12

13 Appendix A - Business Modules ModuleDescription PlacementsThe Placement module places eligible children in a program. This module provides the functionality to add or edit a placement, provide a history of the placement, copy a placement, and terminate a placement. AttendanceThe Attendance module offers the capability to record the attendance of children at the different programs where they are placed. A user will be able to search and view attendance records by child, program, provider, or any level in the organization hierarchy. The user will also be able to add / edit and adjust attendance records. Invoice/BillingThe Invoice / Billing module offers the functionality of generating invoices for EEC reimbursement for services rendered. The major components of this module are: Invoice, Funding Source management, Payment and Adjustments. ReportsThe Reports module allows for the production of both canned and customizable reports for operational and decision making purposes. The reports produced include letters and agreements, activity reports and caseload reports. The module will also have the capability to generate forms. Contract Management The Contract Management module will interface with the existing Contract Manager application to get the slot and rate information for the contracted providers. 13

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