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FY14 Budget and Caseload Update Fiscal Committee January 6, 2014.

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1 FY14 Budget and Caseload Update Fiscal Committee January 6, 2014

2 FY14 November Caseload Review Waitlist Remediation Initiative Status: The CCRRs began placing children in the Waitlist remediation account in October. The CCRRs had until December 20, 2013 to place all the vouchers allocated to them.  As of December 20, 2013 at the end of the twelve week initiative, the CCRRs had successfully placed 100% of the original allocation of 2,367 vouchers. An additional 559 voucher allocation was provided to the CCRRs on December 13, 2013; 5% has been filled.  Approximately 91% (2,147) of the 2,367 placements in the Waitlist Remediation account was billed for service month November 2013. Program setting and age group expenditures vs. forecast allow for an additional allotment of 157 vouchers (beyond the 559). If all 3083 vouchers are placed by 2/1/14 and maintained through attrition backfill until the end of FY2014 it is estimated that the full waitlist remediation appropriation will be expended. Income Eligible: Based on the following assumptions, we continue to project utilizing nearly the entire 3000-4060 and 3000-4070 appropriations:  After November billing there is a approximately a $3M surplus. To eliminate the surplus, the forecast includes the release of additional vouchers. The forecasted surplus after releasing additional vouchers is $595K. This is offset by a $587K deficit in DTA.  The projected surplus is dependent upon the contract providers achieving maximum obligation and the delivery of approximately 1000 additional vouchers being placed and maintained by February 1, 2014.  All the CCRRs have started filling the additional attrition backfill allotment in the Income Eligible 3000-4060 account. They are at 80%. 2

3 FY14 November Caseload Review Income Eligible - Continued  Income Eligible, Teen, and Homeless contract forecasted expenditures are held at the contract maximum obligation for the remaining months in FY2014.  Contract regular slots are 87.2% filled (1862.5 vacancies).  Including the 149 flex slots used (17.7%) of 836 available, the contract slots are 88.2% filled. DTA-Related Caseload: After five months of actual numbers, EEC is forecasting a deficit of $587K, a decrease ($314K) from the previous month’s projected deficiency of $901K. November actual caseload billing reflects a net decrease (134) in caseload when compared to October. All age groups except for preschool (which remained flat) decreased as follows: School Age(48), Infants (76), and Toddlers(10). Supportive Caseload: With five months of actual numbers, EEC continues to forecast expenditures equal to the appropriation of $77M. Access to expansion slots continues to allow for more children to be served in areas where there is the capacity and the need. Expenditures have increased due to the use of expansion slots. EEC is monitoring this closely. We’re at 97% utilization and have recommended that we close access for expansion slots. Once December placements have been billed, EEC will reassess and determine if expansion access can be reopened or continue to remain closed. FY14 Consolidated Net Increase: EEC and IT are working closely to implement the 2.3% increase ($11.5M) for the across the board rate increase for all center based, family child care providers, and family child care systems. The rate increase will be retroactive to July 1, 2013. 3

4 CCRR Voucher Allotment Weekly Results 4

5 FY14 Caseload Overview Summary As of November 2013 5

6 FY14 Caseload Overview Summary October 2013 6

7 FY14 Caseload Overview Summary August and September 2013 7

8 8 FY 2013 Income Eligible (3000-4060)

9 9 FY 2013 Waitlist Remediation (3000-4070)

10 10 FY 2014 DTA (3000-4050)

11 11 FY 2013 Supportive (3000-3050)

12 FY13/14 Caseload By Account 12

13 Caseload Waitlist: 01/2013 - 12/2013 13. Data Report created on December 31, 2013 ** Excludes Unborn children, Children 13 or older, “0” zip codes and towns out of state

14 FY13/14 IE Contract Slots - Regular and Flex 14 Data Report created on December 31, 2013 Total Awarded Slots is 14,536 and Allowable Flex Slots is 836. 323 of the 355 additional contract slots awarded have been filled. 19 Vendors representing 20 contracts are Over 5% Flex **No. of children filling slots may be greater than slots awarded. Total awarded slots for Homeless is 693 and Teen 506. - Homeless: filled 578.5, open 114.5 - Teen: filled 387.5, open 118.5 As of December 31, 2013 over 1800 contract slots of the 14,536 awarded are open (12.81%). Including the flex slots used, the contract providers have a 11.79% vacancy rate. In comparison to last year the vacancies have increased by 2.77%. On average, for the past 12 months the contract providers contract slots have been 89.69% filled, with a peak occupancy of 92.95% at the end of March 2013 and the lowest occupancy at 83.08% at the end of August 2013.

15 Archived and Reactivated Children on Waitlist 15 Data Report created on December 31, 2013 Net change for number of children archived/reactivated to date in December is 1131 December total archived children: 1167 representing 885 families. September total reactivated children: 35 representing 29 families. ** Note: User is defined as EEC, CCR&R or Contract Provider July excludes 7/25/2013; significant auto-archiving occurred, archived children system: 12,789 and archived children user: 9896 Number of Archived and Reactivated Children on Waitlist

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