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Documents posted at: Capital Resources for Early Educators Fund.

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1 Documents posted at: Capital Resources for Early Educators Fund

2 Mayor Menino’s Pledge In his State of the City address in January 2013, Mayor Menino announced the creation of a new capital fund to invest in quality improvements to Boston’s early education and care facilities. This new capital fund builds on his career- long commitment to education and his efforts to expand and improve access to quality early education, through the citywide school readiness initiative, Thrive in 5.

3 Thrive in 5’s Mission Boston Children Thrive Ready Educators School Readiness Pipeline To ensure that children of all races, ethnicities, incomes, abilities, and languages have the opportunities and support they need for success in school and beyond. Three Core Strategies

4 Purpose of the Fund To provide to all eligible early educators the chance to invest in safe, healthy environments for young children in Boston. Thrive in 5 is excited to spread the word about this fund to all early educators.

5 Who Can Apply? Currently provide early care and education to children ages 0 to 5 years old at a site(s) located within the City of Boston Have a current state license, or license-exempt status, to provide early education and care, issued by MA EEC, and be in good licensing and fiscal standing with the state.

6 Who Can Apply? (continued) Serving at least 1 child receiving financial assistance or who demonstrates significant financial need. –Accessing education and care through MA state contracts or vouchers –Accessing education and care funded with Head Start dollars –Receiving private subsidies –With total family household income at or below 50% of the state median income

7 How Much Can I Apply For? Number of children under age 6 currently enrolled per site Maximum Fund Amount Per Site 20 or Fewer$3,000 21 to 99$6,000 100 or more$10,000

8 Two pieces of the Application #1: Online Application –You tell us what you plan to purchase, where you plan to purchase the items, and why you think it will make a difference in your environment #2: Paper Submission of Supporting Documentation –W9 –Document Check List –License or license-exemption form

9 Register for an account

10 Home page of your application

11 Eligibility Criteria

12 Employer ID # Enter Social Security # (below)

13 Budget Request

14 Proposed purchases

15 Suggestions Complete answers to online application in a word processing document first. When you are done, you can copy and paste your answers into the online application and submit.

16 Application Features You can save your applications now and return to work on them later. To continue work on an unsubmitted application, click the "Continue" link next to the application's Project Title. To view an application previously submitted to Capital Resources, click the "View" link next to the appropriate Project Title. Must hit “submit” or else we can’t see it.

17 Lead Agency Information If you are a Lead Agency, please follow instructions especially for you on the home page. Lead Agencies may apply on behalf of up to 15 sites. Lead agencies may not charge more than 8% of individual grants for administrative costs

18 Technical questions? If you have technical questions regarding this application, use the link located at the bottom of every page to contact our support team. Email to get technical assistance. Call 617-624-8203

19 What do I do next? Complete online application Gather required documents –i.e. license, W9 form, check list Send all documents to United Way (postmarked no later than October 24) –W9 –Document Check List –License or license-exemption form

20 Tips on Getting Started Familiarize yourself with the online application before you begin. Read through the Applications and Guidelines document (13 pages) To create a new application, click the "Start a New Application" link.

21 Work with our Volunteers Volunteers from Thrive in 5 are on hand to assist you with your application. Thank you, Thrive in 5!

22 Thank you! Questions? Documents posted at:

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