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Housekeeping at Edge Hill University Marian Rimmer.

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1 Housekeeping at Edge Hill University Marian Rimmer

2 What the Housekeeping Staff do… In halls 8.30 – 1 pm, Monday to Friday. Clean: Corridors Staircases Bathrooms Toilets Shower Rooms Kitchens It is your responsibility to wash your own dishes.

3 Bedrooms Students clean their own rooms A vacuum cleaner, brush & mop are available in all halls Refuse from bedrooms should be placed in the wheelie bins outside the halls of residence: NOT in the kitchens

4 Recyling Edge Hill University supports all recycling and green policies EHU recycles: Glass- bins located outside Halls of Residence & The Venue Plastic- various points around campus White paper- various points around campus Cardboard - various points around campus Green waste

5 Linen & Laundrette Provided- 2 duvets, 2 pillows, 2 duvet covers, 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 4 sheets & 4 pillowcases. You are responsible for washing your linen Laundrette based on ‘The Street’, open 7.00 am-9.30 pm Wash- £2 Dry – £1 for 50 minutes

6 Room Inventory Inventory in your room, please complete & return to FM Helpdesk Reception within 10 days from arrival. Charge will be made to cover the cost of any damage to, or loss of, Residential Property

7 Useful Contact Numbers Campus Support 4227 FM Helpdesk 4455 Housekeeping Supervisors 7479 Housekeeping Services Manager7476

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