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1 Energy Efficiency By Flexx Rantoa. 2 Where to save.

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1 1 Energy Efficiency By Flexx Rantoa

2 2 Where to save


4 4 Kitchen Refrigerator - Do not set your temperature lower than necessary Dishwasher - Always fill up your dishwasher before use Freezer - Defrost your freezer twice a year Washing machine - Always fill up your washing machine before use Stove - Match the size of the pot with the size of the stove plate

5 5 Family room Heaters - Use infra-red heaters, they are most efficient Television - Switch off the television, do not leave on stand-by Radio - Switch off the radio, do not leave on stand-by Other electrical equipment - Cellphone chargers use electricity even when the cellphone is not charged

6 6 Bathroom Hot water - Change to solar heating or heat pump Shower - Use low flow shower heads Washing hands - Wash hands with cold water Brushing teeth - Use a glass to brush your teeth

7 7 Bedroom Electric blanket - Electric blanket uses less electricity Energy efficient lighting - Use LEDs or CFLs for lighting

8 8 Outside the house Swimming pool Reduce the running time of the pump from 10 to 6 hours per day for a month and save 40% Cover pool to keep pool cleaner Garden Use solar powered garden lights Use motion sensors for your security lights

9 9 Heat pump rebate 100L – 300L = R 3 668 301L – 500L = R 4 320

10 10 Funding mechanism Standard Product Applicable to savings of 1kW to 100kW or energy saving of >2MWh Payment is up to 85% of actual cost Maximum rebate of R 500 000 per project site or single metered entity Standard Offer Applicable to savings of 50kW to 5MW Rebate applicable to energy reduction between 6am and 10pm Monday to Friday only Only approved technologies will benefit from this programme

11 11 Funding mechanism cont… Energy efficient lighting systems Building management systems Electrical hot water systems 42c/kWh Solar water heaters 70c/kWh

12 12 Residential Mass Roll-out Company – Ellies (AA Technologies) Contact number – 086 110 1099 (Upington) – 051 403 5200 (Bfn for Kimberley) Products - Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) – (736) - Light emitting diodes (LED) – (0) - Energy efficient showerheads - (109) - Pool timer – (0)

13 13 The Golden Rule Of Energy Saving Is - If you’re not using it, switch it off


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