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Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat1 Student's Can Right If You Give Them a Chance Write.

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1 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat1 Student's Can Right If You Give Them a Chance Write

2 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat2 What do we look for in good writing? Mechanics: capitalization, spelling, punctuation, legible handwriting Language use: correct order, tense agreement, number and function - articles, pronouns, prepositions, meaning not obscured by grammatical errors Vocabulary: uses correct words - variety - appropriate word for topic Organization: sequences ideas, topic sentence, body, conclusion Content: main idea - details - knowledge of subject

3 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat3 Vocabulary + Grammar = Writing  Basics = numbers, colors, cognates, classroom, homes, travel, communication, environment, current events…  Prepositions + articles = in, on, under, up, down, over, above, the, a, some, many…  Proper Noun Substitutions = Dan is home. / He is home.  Singular - plural = dog / dogs : picture / pictures: baby / babies  Prepositional phrases (chunking) = on the chair, under the desk, in the tree, between the cars

4 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat4  Grammar chunks = There are /There is I am/ He is / She / It is - You/We/They are He/She/It has : I/You/We/They have I/He/She was : You/We/They were  Tenses = sit / sits – am/is/are +ing – sat/walked – will sit/is going to sit – has/have prepared  Question chunks = Am I - Is he/she/it – Are you/we/they…? Do I/you/we/they – Does he/she/it…? Will I/you/he/she/it/we/they…? Was I/he/she/it – Were you/we/they?  Connectors = and / or / but / because …

5 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat5 You need to teach... when to use a capital letter. when to use a period or question mark. which subject and verb go together. where to add adjectives and adverbs. what is a complete sentence /question. how to add prepositional phrases. how to sequence sentences. how to write 1 topic sentence and 4 supporting sentences.

6 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat6 Guide them to writing Use their background knowledge Use pictures they recognize Use series of pictures that tell a story Make up different stories with different outcomes from pictures – elicit ideas from them Read stories to them Teach them to how to use a dictionary Guide them – one step at a time – don’t assume

7 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat7 What can you do? Read – Read – Read Write examples on the board Always have the students answer and write in complete sentences. Give them lots of sequencing activities Give them lots of guided- writing activities Teach – beginning / middle / end Give each student a list of general writing rules. Prepare a poster of these rules for the class.

8 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat8 Have fun with writing Show / describe / write / read – You write, then they copy and read. Write poetry Create comic strips / dialogues / plays (perform them) Write radio news / weather script Write and/or present short plays (short or extended dialogues) Write letters, movie or television reviews (Guided)

9 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat9 What do you see?

10 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat10 I see... I see a girl with a _______ shirt. I see a blue _______________. I see a _______________ chair. I see pink _________________. I see a _________ __________. I ___________________________. red, book, red, notebook, red, lamp, skates, pink, chair

11 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat11

12 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat12

13 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat13 Describe your bedroom List at least 10 things in your bedroom. What color are they? What is your favorite thing in your bedroom? My favorite thing is __________________ Draw is picture/layout of your bedroom. What 10 things would you like in your bedroom? I would like _________.

14 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat14 What are they talking about?

15 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat15 What do you say to a new friend? Complete the conversation Hi! I’m Dan. What is your name? I go to Ramot School. Where do you go? I live in _____________. _________________________? Yes, I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. How many_________________? Thanks, I’d like that. ________________________. Hi! I’m __Anya__. I go to ______________. Where ___________________? I live in _____________. ___________________________? I have ____ brothers and ____ sisters. Do ___________________________? What time? _______________________

16 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat16

17 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat17

18 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat18 When writing expect: complete, clear and organized sentences correct grammar good spelling relevant vocabulary sequence of ideas

19 Eric Cohen Books 2009 - Eilat19 You can also teach that... writing is a form of self-expression. writing is a form of visual art. writing is a form of developing imagination. writing is... ECB Online - Adventure Club Stories

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