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Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin

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1 Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin
Chapter 7 – Adventures in Bodybuilding Leonie Cohen

2 ? Bodybuilding Body = parts work together Division of labor How? Why?
organ system organ tissue cell (a.k.a. “Cambrian explosion”) How? Why? Why so long? ?

3 Cells: Sticking and Communicating
“Stick” (pages 127,128) Molecular rivets Collagen - ECM “Talk”(page 128) Molecular signals ECM = extracellular matrix

4 Choanoflagellates [koh-uh-noh-flaj-uh-leyts]
(pages ) Single-celled microbes DNA of choanoflagellate ≈ DNA of sponge The potential of single-celled organisms: Catching prey  rivets, attachments Molecular interactions communication Importance?

5 Development of Bodies Why? Why so long? Predator vs. prey Cost
Pages (137,138) Why? Predator vs. prey Importance of size Why so long? Cost Increased oxygen – “Oxygen Catastrophe” # of Billion Years Ago

6 Works Cited Shubin, Neil. Your Inner Fish: a Journey Into the 3.5- billion-year History of the Human Body. New York: Vintage, Print. Maxwell, David L. "Extracellular Matrix." AP Biology Wiki. Pingry, Web. 5 Sept < biology/index.php/Extracellular_matrix>. "Cell Communication." Hodnett-AP. Wikispaces, Web. 5 Sept <http://hodnett->. "Great Oxygenation Event." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. 17 Aug Web. 5 Sept <>. Shubin, Neil, and Kalliopi Monoyios. "Your Inner Fish: Teaching Tools." Tiktaalik Roseae. University of Chicago, Web. 5 Sept <>.

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