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Your Inner Fish Chapter 4: “Teeth Everywhere”

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1 Your Inner Fish Chapter 4: “Teeth Everywhere”
Abbe Dembowitz AP Bio 9/14/10

2 You might’ve thought that she introduced teeth to the world… …but you were sadly mistaken…

3 The harder the tooth, the better the fossil
Rocks and teeth: preservation wise, they’re one in the same “Bigger creatures into smaller pieces” Eating Habits: Carnivores- Sharp blades Herbivores- flat, square

4 Conodonts? Did you mean: condiments?
Fossils found in ancient oceans “small shelly organisms with a series of spikes projecting out of them,” (75) The lamprey The evolved jaw and Trithelodont Single root at base of tooth: reptile Bumps and ridges- mammal

5 “We would never have scales, feathers, and breasts if we didn’t have teeth in the first place,” (79) “The developmental tools that make teeth have been repurposed to make other important skin structures” (80) Teeth: Development b/w layers of tissue in skin Other: Development from the interactions b/w layers of skin Acquiring of their prey

6 Take a look at your teeth…
Do they look like this? ..Introduce evolution and….

7 Evolution over time 1. Little fish developed armor 2.Big fish obtained bigger jaws to crack the armor 3. Competition arises and animals evolve

8 Sources Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin, Vintage Books, Random House, New York, 2009 (Pgs )

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