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You are invited to register your child for Maxwell International School Fall 2008.

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1 You are invited to register your child for Maxwell International School Fall 2008

2 Quote by Dr. Ghadirian “The School has distinguished itself not only as an international center of learning but also as an outstanding educational environment which has given the world some of its brightest and finest minds who have carried the torch of knowledge and service to all continents of the planet.”

3 Mission Maxwell International School provides an excellent coeducational program in a safe, nurturing environment. We prepare youth in grades 7–12 for post-secondary education, and to have the capabilities and the commitment to contribute to the betterment of the world. Excellence in International, Secondary Education Systematic Character development Preparation for a life of service Preparation for world citizenship

4 Nine Guiding Principles 1.The Vision Principle: A Bahá’í-inspired School 2.The Respect Principle: The Oneness and Nobility of Mankind 3.The Balance Principle: Organic Sustainability 4.The Integration Principle: The Unity of Creation 5.The Excellence Principle: Excellence in All Things 6.The Relevance Principle: Meaning and Purpose in Life 7.The Personal Development Principle: Gems of Inestimable Value 8.The Community Principle: Enduring Spiritual Bonds 9.The World Citizenship Principle: Responsibility for Moral Leadership as World Citizens

5 "The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."

6 Students from over 70 Countries have attended Maxwell India Iran Israel Jamaica Japan Kenya Kiribati Lesotho Lithuania Liberia Macau Malaysia Mali Malta Marshall Islands Mexico Micronesia (Yap) Mongolia Mozambique New Zealand Northern Mariana Islands Norway Palau Papua New Guinea Peoples Republic of China Peru Philippines Portugal Romania Russia Rwanda Scotland Senegal Singapore South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand The Gambia Trinidad Uganda United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Vanuatu Venezuela Vietnam Western Samoa Zimbabwe American Samoa Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bolivia Botswana Brazil Canada Cameroon Cayman Islands Chad China Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador Fiji France Germany Guinea Haiti Honduras Hong Kong

7 Maxwell Grades 7-12 certified BC curriculum Residential and day-students More than 20 countries currently attending 23-acre lakeside campus Dedicated to academic and moral education Outdoor and sports activities: canoeing, sailing, hiking, skiing, camping, basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

8 Our Graduates have attended these Universities Albright College, Reading, PA Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ Barnard College, New York, NY Camosun College, Victoria, BC Central St. Martin, London, England Duke University, Durham, NC El Camino College, Torrance, CA Goucher College, Baltimore, MD Harvard University, Cambridge, MA Howard University, Washington, DC Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR Malaspina University College, Nanaimo, BC McMaster University, Hamilton, ON Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA McGill University, Montreal, QC Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY Queen's University, Kingston, ON Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA Stanford University University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ University of Hawai'i, Manoa Manoa, HI University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB University of Miami, Miami, FL University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA University of British Columbia University of Toronto, Toronto, ON University of Victoria, Victoria, BC University of Washington, Seattle, WA University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, WI University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA Western Washington University Yale, New Haven, CT York University, Toronto, ON And others

9 Highlights College and University Acceptance Year of Service Program Sports Program Dance Workshop Music Program Summer Programs: Eaglearts

10 Student testimonials “I scored perfect scores on my university entrance SAT tests, due to the fact the teachers helped me and really took an interest in challenging me to higher scholastic achievements.”

11 Student Testimonials “Maxwell puts such a great emphasis on service – whether for humanity or for God. And this, I know, motivates me to try and learn as much as I can during my short stay in this world.”

12 Student Testimonials “I am a Christian. Maxwell has helped me see, learn, and accept my personal spirituality and my view of different cultures and religions...The Bahá’í principles I have learned at Maxwell have helped me become a better Christian. They have deepened my sense of spirituality and broadened my world vision. I feel now that I have more potential to help the world and its people.”

13 Parent Testimonials “The teachers and staff at Maxwell have nurtured all three of my children and provided an environment for their dreams to be realized. My children have been prepared to take a service-oriented leadership role in the emerging global society of the 21st Century. I am deeply satisfied.”

14 Parent Testimonials “Our son has had a year of beautiful growth; spiritually, artistically, academically, as well as physically. We are moved to tears with gratitude for all the staff that are making Maxwell the spiritual jewel that it is. What a gift you have created for the world.”

15 Parent Testimonials “My heartfelt thanks for the loving, secure environment in which our children mature in their beliefs.”

16 Learning Programs Accredited academic program for grades 7–12 Canadian high school graduation certification Curriculum: –Rigorous, balanced and integrated –focuses on scholarship and critical thinking skills –Fosters artistry, a love of learning, and the development of a good character –spiritual view of humanity –practical, integrative, theme-based projects –encouragement of creative and artistic expression, and service learning.

17 Learning Programs (cont’) Highly qualified and dedicated staff Excellent library Learning support staff Small class sizes 2 computer labs with high-speed Internet connections

18 Learning Programs (cont’) Sports and Recreation Dance Workshop English as a Second Language (ESL) Human Development –Moral character development –World citizenship –Social responsibility –Community Service –Study of World Religions

19 Maxwell Offers: Highly qualified faculty Scholarship and love of learning Creative and innovative projects High standards Integration of the Arts Critical thinking skills Systematic character education Learning support Creativity and relevance Moral leadership training Commitment to world citizenship Encouragement and positive modeling

20 Service Learning Opportunities Care of the young, the elderly, and the handicapped Tutoring Service on campus: office, kitchen, facilities Community service Ecovillage project Numerous environmental projects Dance Workshop Emergency Response Team Portland Island Marine Park Stewardship Program Rotary International Interact Club Tanzania School Project First Nations outreach program Candy Stripers

21 Maxwell Dance Workshop Uses emotionally captivating, dramatic dance presentations to: offer hope and a vision for the future provide tools for confronting drugs, racism, abuse and violence promote the elimination of all prejudices inspire positive personal and social change enhance understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity Performances across Canada, the U.S., in South America, Israel, Spain, China, and Japan

22 Day in the life of a Maxwell student Breakfast Assembly – prayers and announcements Classes Break Classes Lunch Classes Arts and sports electives After school - dance workshop and service projects Dinner Dorm study Dorm prayers Saturday trips to Victoria Bus transportation to and from Victoria and Duncan for day students

23 Current Tuition Fees Day Students Tuition Fees GradeBCNorth America International 7-9$10,000$12,000$13,000 10-12$10,500$12,500$13,500 Residential Students Tuition Fees GradeBCNorth America International 8-9$21,300$23,300$25,300 10-12$21,800$23,800$25,800

24 Additional Fees Application Fee: $100 Admission Fee: $250 Canada, $500 Other Uniform Fee: $750 Student’s Extras Deposit: $1,000 Dorm Room Security Deposit: $250 Medical insurance for international students Transportation fees – bus services, etc. Field trips

25 Contact information Visit Maxwell: Admissions questions: Maxwell Parent Association: Carol Cooper: Chair person Questions on the future of Maxwell:

26 The Universal House of Justice Maxwell School youth will “…devote themselves to the service of humanity and to the development of a new world order which will be a source of unity and progress for all the people of the earth.”

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