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ROCKS Ms. McDonald’s 3 rd Grade. Gypsum Allison Vessell.

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1 ROCKS Ms. McDonald’s 3 rd Grade

2 Gypsum Allison Vessell

3 Description White Gray

4 Where is it found? Brazil Jamaica England Ireland Oklahoma

5 Uses Wallboard Plaster of Paris Casts Fertilizer

6 Information http://www.white-sands-new-

7 Quartzite Daniel Pelletier

8 Description White, gray, pink Massive hard

9 Where is it found? United States United Kingdom Canada

10 Uses Instead of jade Jewelry Statues Decorations

11 Information lry-information/3165-meaning-and- symbology-of-gemstones-%E2%80%93- jade-part-four/ lry-information/3165-meaning-and- symbology-of-gemstones-%E2%80%93- jade-part-four/

12 Limestone Desiree Lewis

13 Description A light green smooth rock.

14 Where it is found? Near water

15 Uses You can use it for building things like roads, buildings. Toothpaste Cement

16 Information

17 Graphite Evan Luke Carden

18 Description It is a powder It is black and gray

19 Where it is found China Brazil india

20 Uses Used for roads Used for gravel

21 Information I found my info on

22 Granite Garrett Goodspeed

23 Description Dull black Hard Spots on it

24 Where is it found China United States Mississippi

25 Uses Drive way floor tile Counter tops

26 Information

27 Shale Grace Mallon

28 Description Dull gray Has amounts of Quartz Can be yellow, red, green Splits easily

29 Where is it found? Most places all over the world In deltas and from rivers Sometimes on beaches Brazil, China, almost anywhere

30 Uses Filler in paint Plastic Roofing cements Manufacture of bricks

31 Where I got my info mon_uses_of_shale_rock mon_uses_of_shale_rock afe=strict&um=1&sa=1&q=pictures+of+pla ces+where+only+shale+is+found&btnG=S earch+images&aq=f&oq=&aqi=&start=0 afe=strict&um=1&sa=1&q=pictures+of+pla ces+where+only+shale+is+found&btnG=S earch+images&aq=f&oq=&aqi=&start=0

32 Basalt Hunter Duffey

33 Description Basalt grey and black

34 Where is it found? It can be under ground on the surface or found in a river

35 information

36 Gneiss Jasmine Stargel

37 Description Gneiss is grey or pink with layered streaks.

38 Where is it found? All parts of the earth it can be found in Texas and Georgia and Tennessee.

39 Uses To make building materials such as flooring,Cabinets, counter tope also gravestones.

40 Information. Computer and books And my mom

41 Calcite Jonathan Vincent

42 Description Colorless or white Vitreous luster Cleavage is perfect in 3 directions

43 Uses Glass Building

44 Where is it found? Calcite is mostly found in Sedimentary rock. Iceland New Mexico

45 Information alcite.htm alcite.htm

46 Kaolinite Joshua Woodard

47 Where is it found? Brazil France England U.S. China India

48 Uses Earthy and used on face.

49 What does it look like? Red sometime it can be blue, or brown.

50 Information

51 Talc Justice Lorie Starks

52 Description Talc is the softest mineral in the world Talc is hydrated magnesium

53 Where is it found? Talc is found in the United States and New York

54 Uses Talc is made into bathrooms and bathroom supplies. It is used to make paints too.

55 Info

56 Schist Kendall Scoot Smith

57 Description Used on houses

58 Where it is found Old deep bed rock Brooklyn

59 uses Construction on houses

60 information

61 Grabbro Kimberly Hatfield

62 Description It is brown It is hard It is rough

63 Where it is found? Rock creek canyon Sierra Nevada California USA Mountains

64 Uses Counter Tops Headstones Pavers

65 Information counter-tops.html

66 Pumice Nakayla Daniel

67 Description It has a lot of holes. It looks like stone.

68 Where is it found? It is from near volcanoes Italy Chile Greece Spain Turkey U.S.- Arizona, New Mexico, California and Oregon

69 Uses It is used for Oxi Clean and other cleaners. In polishing Removes hard skin

70 Information I found my info at

71 Sand Stone Paige Heizer

72 Description

73 Where is it found?

74 Information Sandstone is a sedimemtary rock.

75 Uses

76 Slate Samuel J. Moran

77 Description Slate is gray

78 Uses Slate is used in bricks and buildings.

79 Where it is found ? It is a metamorphic rock that changes into slate from the sedimentary rock slate. Slate is found in most places in the world.

80 Information

81 Magnetite Shawn wiley

82 Description The rock looks likes brown

83 Location The rock is uese Rocks is uese for clips

84 Uses The rock can find in

85 GOLD Shawn wiley

86 Where is it found? The rock ha

87 Chalk Trey Lovitt

88 Description It white and smooth and soft and riet.

89 Where is it found? England

90 Uses Chalk and chalkboard sports,

91 Information

92 Sulphur Zach Brown

93 Description It is a ball IT has rough sides Has sharp points

94 Where it is found It is found in astra It is found in Texas

95 Uses It is used for medicine. It is used to make. Trains. It is used for jewelry.

96 Information IT is a yellow ball. It is rough.

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