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IMOC II All Hands Meeting. Agenda Introductions About SGT About IMOC II Transition Plan and Schedule FAQ Next Steps.

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1 IMOC II All Hands Meeting

2 Agenda Introductions About SGT About IMOC II Transition Plan and Schedule FAQ Next Steps

3 Introductions SGT ― Dr. Kam Ghaffarian, President and CEO of SGT, Inc. ― Dave Wolt, Sr. Vice President of the NASA Business Unit ― Laurie Labra, IMOC II Program Manager ― Stan Schaefer, IMOC II Deputy Program Manager ― Shelley Johnson, Chief Human Resources Officer, IMOC II Transition Manager Teammates ― Rich Jackson, LM ― John Denny, GHG ― David Hanson, GeoControl Systems (GCS) ― Darren Crowell, Cimarron ― Brian Riskikof, Odyssey

4 About SGT

5 SGT Core Values - ICE

6 Ten Commitments These commitments are to our Customers, Employees and Partners We are committed to: 1.Fostering a culture where integrity and honesty is woven into the fabric of everything we do. 2.Being a trusted partner with all of our customers, ensuring that we look out for the customers interest, always deliver high-quality services, and successfully completing all assignments. 3.Caring for our employees in the best possible way by providing a caring work environment and offering robust benefits, growth opportunities and access to training and mentoring. 4.Acting with transparency and encouraging everyone to do the right thing. 5.Respecting and valuing all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, and ideas. 6.Accounting for our actions and results, and when something goes wrong, diligently doing whatever it takes to make it right. 7.Treating others (employees, peers, partners, customers) the way we want to be treated. 8.Promoting a continuous learning environment, focusing on continuous improvement to ensure our organization learns from both our mistakes and our successes. 9.Excellence by encouraging every employee to take the actions necessary to “wow” our customers. 10.Fostering an environment that encourages questions, innovations and new ideas.

7 About IMOC II

8 IMOC II Organization Chart

9 The IMOC II Team SGT has created The Right Team for IMOC II - diverse, highly capable, and HSF experienced ― Lockheed-Martin, Cimarron, GeoControl Systems, GHG, Odyssey Space Research, University of Texas El Paso, and San Jacinto College All companies are committed to performing in a highly integrated and seamless partnership under SGT’s direction Each company is known and respected at JSC and brings ― Broad and deep HSF experience specifically related to IMOC II ― Demonstrated excellence in technical performance, cost control, and customer satisfaction ― Diversity of experience that enables and supports innovation ― An exemplary safety record ― An established and successful working relationship with SGT ― A commitment to working together as an integrated and badgeless IMOC II team

10 IMOC II IMOC II contains all of the work that was in IMOC - we expect very little, if any, change in the work we do and how we do it The recently announced JSC reorg of MOD and FCOD is not expected to change our work. As the new organization stands up, we will adapt if necessary The SGT Team is committed to operating in badgeless environment with consistent practices across all team members All IMOC II staff including Program Management Office will be located on-site We have worked closely with USA to understand current incentives including certification pay and points to ensure continuity of these programs under IMOC II

11 Transition

12 Our Commitment Honesty – We are committed to honest communications. If we do not know the answer we will tell you we don’t know and we will follow-up with you with an answer once we have one Openness – We are committed to sharing with you the information we have Frequent Communications – We are committed to frequent and timely communications

13 Transition Highlights Transition formally kicked off August 1, 2014 Contract Start Date is October 1, 2014 Main Focus of Transition ― Ensure Continuity of Operations for ISS, MPCV, and other critical path projects ― Hire Incumbent Staff ― Maintain current customer support ― Set up Safety/Quality/Business Operations Transition Communications ― Hotline: 1.832.803.0364 ― Website: ― Meet with Us: ― Be notified of schedule updates by entering your email address on: ― Transition team is located at: 1115 Gemini, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77058

14 Incumbent Workforce Committed to extending employment offers to all incumbents working on the Contract based on requirements in MOD, FCOD, and ISSP task orders ― Committed to offering the same salary ― Committed to recognizing years of seniority ― Goal is to extend offers by mid-August Committed to addressing any and all questions throughout the transition process

15 Frequently Asked Questions Which company will I work for? ― SGT brought together a team of companies to meet these common objectives:  Execute all contract requirements  Match work content to company expertise and demonstrated performance  Offer comparative benefits across all companies With this in mind, we developed allocations for work content and number of employees in the proposal. We are now finalizing these allocations based upon the task orders from the customer. Each employee will be contacted by a company responsible for work in their area and given specific information on the application and onboarding process.

16 Frequently Asked Question When can I expect an employment offer? ― Our goal is to start getting offers out next week. Once employees are contacted by the company assigned to their work area, they should apply as early as possible so that an offer can be generated. ― Note: There is no need to apply to any of the companies until you are notified contacted by a specific company.

17 Frequently Asked Question Who will my manager be? ― In nearly all circumstances, the work you do and your current supervisor is not expected to change. It is possible that NASA task order requests for FY15 could drive changes in IMOC II.

18 Frequently Asked Questions I am scheduled to go on vacation, what should I do? ― You should contact us and let us know your plans. So we can work with you on transition activities

19 Frequently Asked Questions I am scheduled to travel Oct. 1 what do I do? ― We have a working list of those currently scheduled to travel during phase- in, and shortly after operations. We will be ensuring that all arrangements are in place to ensure no impact to travel.

20 Frequently Asked Questions I currently work Part-time, can I continue to work Part-time ― Our objective is to meet customer requirements. If your current role enables you to work part-time then we do not see that changing under IMOC II.

21 Frequently Asked Questions What will happen to my pay? ― All employment offers extended to IMOC incumbents will be done so laterally  No change in salary  No change in seniority  No change in title

22 Frequently Asked Questions Why do I need to apply for the job I currently have? ― While you are currently performing the same job we expect you will be performing under IMOC II, you will be performing it as an employee with a new employer. ― Companies are required to have a consistent hiring/application approach for all new hires

23 Frequently Asked Questions Do I need to do anything with my NASA Badge? ― No. SGT will be working with NASA Security to move your badge from IMOC to IMOC II. No action on your part is necessary.

24 Next Steps

25 If you have a question ask! Take a handout for contact information and location of our transition office Let us know of any concerns you have or any special circumstances so we can address them early Once you are a contacted by your company, complete the application early so an employment offer can be made

26 Other Questions?

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