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1 Team 5 th g923825 楊程皓 (Kevin) g923827 羅心蓮 (Lillian) d927807 陳唯晴 (Sherry) Case Study ~ Supply Chain Management of T Company ~ Enterprise Integration 2004/1/7.

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Presentation on theme: "1 Team 5 th g923825 楊程皓 (Kevin) g923827 羅心蓮 (Lillian) d927807 陳唯晴 (Sherry) Case Study ~ Supply Chain Management of T Company ~ Enterprise Integration 2004/1/7."— Presentation transcript:

1 1 Team 5 th g 楊程皓 (Kevin) g 羅心蓮 (Lillian) d 陳唯晴 (Sherry) Case Study ~ Supply Chain Management of T Company ~ Enterprise Integration 2004/1/7

2 © EI Team 5 th Agenda Company Profile Business Process Reengineering Data Interchange Key Performance System Demo

3 © EI Team 5 th Introduction T company,established in 1987, is a large-scale textile enterprise, a public listed company in Taiwan, covering fabric & apparel manufacturing, international trading and retailing. Major Business — Apparel Sweater Knitting/Woven Fabric Fancy Yarn Metal Fiber Dyeing Global Transaction

4 © EI Team 5 th Company Profile Company NameTex-Ray Industrial Co., Ltd. www Major Export Sites Asia % Europe 0.29 % America %Oceania % Africa 4.58 % Major Partners TRLA Group, Z/PLY ( NBC ), Young Stuff Apparel Group, China Irrigating Co., Ltd.,Kat Ta Embroidery Factory Overseas Branches Mexico, America, Myanmar, China Major BusinessDyeing, Fancy Yarn, Knitting & Woven, Apparel, Global Transaction, Stepping on the Marketing Major CustomersJ.C PENNEY, NIKE, DKNY, C.K., LEE, ALFRED DUNNER, MAY CO., MERVYN ’ S, K-MART, WAL-MART Major Product /Service Dyeing: Mercerized cotton yarn, cotton & model cotton yarn, T/C, CVC, A/C, A/N Yarn Fancy Yarn: Synthetic Yarn & Blend Yarn, Fancy Yarn, Chenille Yarn Woven: Yarn-Dye Fabrics, Mixtured Filament & Spun, Bobby Knitting: Tencel, Lycra, TPU, Fancy Yarn Fabric, Functional Fabrics Apparel: T-shirt, Polo shirt, Pants, Dress, Sportswear & Casual wear

5 © EI Team 5 th Taiwan Tri Knitting/Woven Tri Fabric Fancy Yarn Tri Apparel Software Corp, West- America RITZ post corp. TRLA marketing corp. South- America TRUS corp. JUPITER marketing corp. East- America Z-PLY marketing corp. YOUNG STUFF wholesaler NBC marketing corp. Mexico TRTEX Knitting/Woven TRM Dyeing MAXRAY Apparel NRAY Apparel Southeast Asia Global sourcing Myanmar MTQM Apparel China Brand Corp. Knitting/Woven/dyeing mfg. Worldwide Network

6 © EI Team 5 th Challenge Demand uncertainty -- Seasonal demand, emergent orders Information sharing -- Lack for connection and data between departments On time fulfillment -- Shipping goods takes a lot of time Customization -- Customers ask more and more Missing link with customers -- Communication with customers Threats -- Outside competitors Global logistics management -- How to control

7 © EI Team 5 th Solution - SCM Model Build a platform which can integrate miscellaneous process and provide a model for customers to raise the service level. Help T company conduct the business and manage global logistics, moreover, create the new opportunity to get more customers and benefits. Let T company connect itself to the global buyers, decrease the unnecessary works, and promote its all aspects to be a international company.

8 © EI Team 5 th Organization Reengineering General Manager Admin istrato r Logistic Center General Manager Mexico Business Unit North America Business Unit Asia Pacific Business Unit Dyeing Division Yarn Division Woven Division Knitting Division Apparel Division Sales Business Group Manufacturing Business Group Sales & Production Business Group As-IsTo-Be synchronize, simplify, integrate

9 © EI Team 5 th Process Reengineering Buyers marketing & commerce cop. Converter Suppliers OEM synchronize, simplify, integrate As-Is Sales Business Department Manufacturing Business Department Sales & Production Business Department Global Management Center To-Be

10 © EI Team 5 th Data interchange is to synchronize data structure and integrate the inter-enterprise information process. Each enterprise in the supply chain has variety of ERP systems and databases. To afford this, a constrained data interchange is necessary. The document is transferred through e-BizArch B2Bi integrated interface, which follows the PIPs (Partner Interface Process) established by Rosetta Net. Data Interchange

11 © EI Team 5 th Data Interchange Supply Chain ConsumerRetailer Apparel (finished goods) Brand Owner Dyeing (semi-finished goods) Yarning (semi-finished goods) Raw Yarn Supplier Raw Cotton Supplier Supply Data Interchange Demand Data Interchange Demand Chain

12 © EI Team 5 th Data Interchange - Server to Server Database ERP Database ERP Data Interchange Platform Data Interchange Platform Server Platform Enterprise A Enterprise B Internet Request Response PIPs adapter

13 © EI Team 5 th Data Interchange - Server to Browser Data Interchange Platform Database ERP Server

14 © EI Team 5 th Info. Requirement for Textile Industry Order processing Sales processing Inventory control Product e-catalog Product database Quotation Quick response Production control

15 © EI Team 5 th Modules of T Company e-SCM Internal - Plan Management Production Management External - Order Management Purchase Management Logistic Management

16 © EI Team 5 th Modules of T Company e-SCM ModuleContents Plan ManagementProduction Planning & Scheduling Production Management Production Status 、 BOM Order Management Order Processing Order Management Purchase Management Material Purchase Garment Purchase Logistic Management Shipping Inspection 、 Packing 、 Distribution

17 © EI Team 5 th Key Performance - Quantitative Reduce Process Time by 35% Reduce Order Fulfillment Cycle Time by 30% Reduce Transportation Time by 15% Increase Inventory Turnover Rate by 40%

18 © EI Team 5 th Key Performance - Qualitative Integrate Production and Sales Collaborate with Other Companies Increase Quick Response Ability Create Marketing Niche

19 © EI Team 5 th Demo

20 © EI Team 5 th SCM Application on Web The staff can access the application on web Version selection

21 © EI Team 5 th Order Status Tracking Shows the latest status of item on web

22 © EI Team 5 th Purchase Status Tracking Trace the material status information which is key-in by vender manufacturer VMI icon

23 © EI Team 5 th Production Pilot Check the production status of oversea factory Red one means the schedule is delayed, the green one means normal status

24 © EI Team 5 th Logistics Check the shipping info. By invoice no.

25 © EI Team 5 th Shipping Schedule Check the transaction dealing with final buyer.

26 © EI Team 5 th Thank you !

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