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Roofing Barrier System AC100 RF Best Coat  SCS Coatings, LLC 8 Timberbrooke Drive, Hopewell, NJ 08525.

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1 Roofing Barrier System AC100 RF Best Coat  SCS Coatings, LLC 8 Timberbrooke Drive, Hopewell, NJ 08525

2 What Makes Best Coat a Superior Roofing System and Waterproofing Agent?  Why it Works -New polymer based solution which is strong, flexible and green  How it Works – The material is versatile and easy to use. Reinforce seams with woven material for added joint strength or apply right over existing substrate and seal.  Applications – Roller applied, or spray rig applied. New roofs are able to be coated in a fraction of the time of a membrane solution. No messy tar or stones required. Perfect for existing roof maintenance. Save money, time and stop leaks.  The Results – Permanent roofing system solution for all applications, small and large. Can be used without expensive spray rigs, and can be applied to any surface. Bonds to itself and substrate to enhance strength and waterproofing qualities. Energy efficient white color keeps building cooler.

3 Tar Based Roofing Systems Traditional Tar based roofing applications crack and deteriorate under summer heat and winter freezing Traditional Tar based roofing applications are dangerous to apply, costly and smell awful

4 Membrane Roofing Systems Membrane systems require significant labor to install and remove The seams in membrane systems are stress points which will eventually fail due to heat / cold cycles and building stresses

5 Background  Newly designed roofing barrier system which can permanently seal flat and sloped roofs  Easy to apply and versatile  Water based system makes clean-up simple. All materials are free of VOC’s and environmentally safe  Can be applied to new roof or to maintain an existing roof without removal of the existing materials  Fast, cost effective and effective  Weighs less then 20% of typical standard commercial roofing systems which allows multiple coats before costly tear offs  Zero burn rate, Zero flame spread and Zero smoke development

6 How it Works  Roof Barrier System has the ability to adhere to many different types of surfaces and itself  Can be used in conjunction with woven material to reinforce high wear areas and seams  Roller applied to roof over multiple coats creates a strong, flexible barrier to moisture.  White color reflects heat away from the structure reducing cooling requirements  Will not breakdown from Ultra-violet light, heat or from freezing

7 Why it Works  Proprietary polymer formulation has strong adhesion properties  AC 100 RF will also adhere to itself to form a seamless barrier to moisture  Layering application builds up a strong, but flexible surface  Can also be used in conjunction with woven material to form a reinforced layer for high traffic areas and seams

8 Applications







15 The Results  Best Coat Roofing Barrier System, AC 100 RF is a cost effective, durable, fast and flexible product  It is easy to install and will not break down in use  It is a green product with no VOC’s and it is water soluble when it’s a liquid  It can be used on new roofs and existing roofing systems for maintenance  Provides many advantageous attributes when working with solar roof systems, both with existing and initial installations.  Its white color reflects the sun’s energy, thereby reducing the heat load on buildings in the summer months  Best Coat Roofing Barrier System AC 100 RF is a new polymer based solution to permanent roofing applications

16 BestCoat TM AC 100 RF Roofing Barrier System SCS Coatings, LLC 8 Timberbrooke Drive Hopewell, NJ 08525 1 1 1 0 First Aid – Eye Contact: Flush with water for 15 minutes, seek immediate medical attention. Skin Contact: Remove contaminated clothing, was with soap and water for 15 minutes. Ingestion: If appreciable quantities are swallowed seek medical attention immediately. Inhalation: In case of exposure to high levels of vapor or mist, remove person to fresh air. If breathing has stopped administer artificial respiration, seek medical attention immediately. Clothing: Use gloves, eye protection and NIOSH cartridge mask for areas that are poorly ventilated. Wear safety clothing, boots. Every reasonable precaution is taken in the manufacture of all SCS Coatings, LLC products and the compilation of data to assure that they shall comply with the manufacturer’s exacting standards, as, however, the effectiveness of each product depends on the applicator’s judgment of a proper condition, and since conditions and methods of use are beyond the manufacturer’s control, no warranty of any type is made, expressed or implied whether used in accordance with directions or not.

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