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Foundations of Real Estate Management

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1 Foundations of Real Estate Management
BOMA International Module 4: Building Operations II Roofing Systems

2 Objectives List the components of a roofing system
Describe the difference between built-up roofs, modified bitumen roofs, and single-ply roofs

3 Roofing Systems Out of sight… out of mind

4 Roofing Systems Long-term fixed asset
Use life cycle cost analysis to determine best roof system for your application Goal: Longest roof system life with lowest life cycle cost

5 Why Do Roofing Systems Fail?
End of the roof’s useful life Inadequate maintenance Poor or improper design Poor or substandard installation Faulty materials

6 Roofing Components Decking (deck) Insulation Roofing materials
Concrete or corrugated steel panels Insulation Roofing materials

7 Roofing Systems Flat roofs Pitched roofs Drains and gutters
Not really “flat” – there is some degree of pitch Usually pitches to front or back of property Sometimes pitches to the center Pitched roofs Drains and gutters

8 Roofing Systems Inspect roofs for ponding Keep the insulation dry
Increases chance of leaks Adds significant amount of weight Keep the insulation dry

9 Common Roofing Systems
Built-up roofs Most expensive installation cost Modified bitumen roofs Moderately expensive installation cost Single-ply membrane roofs Least expensive installation cost All roof systems should have walk paths to prevent damage

10 Built-Up Roofs Alternating layers Usually 3-4 layers
Roofing ply sheets (felt) Asphalt or coal tar pitch Usually 3-4 layers Final layer is either topped with gravel or is smooth (top sheet)

11 Built-Up Roofs

12 Modified Bitumen Roofs
Residual material after crude oil is refined (“the bottom of the barrel”) Instead of ply sheets, system uses thermoplastic or elastomeric coating materials and bitumen Usually 2 layers – base sheet/top sheet Fire hazard – fire watch for 60 minutes after work has concluded

13 Modified Bitumen Roofs
Applied with hot asphalt, a propane torch, or cold asphaltic adhesive

14 Modified Bitumen Roofs

15 Single-Ply Membrane Roofs
Made up of a single ply of roofing material Three main types: EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) Rubber PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Vinyl TPO (thermoplastic olefin) Plastic

16 Single-Ply Membrane Roofs
Adhered to the roof: Ballasted (stones) Mechanically attached (fasteners) Fully adhered (adhesives)

17 Single-Ply Membrane Roofs

18 Single-Ply Membrane Ballasted roof system

19 Mechanically attached roof system
Single-Ply Membrane Mechanically attached roof system

20 Fully attached roof system
Single-Ply Membrane Fully attached roof system

21 Single-Ply Membrane Seams Can be manufactured in white EPDM
Seams are sealed and need routine maintenance PVC and TPO Seams are heat welded together Can be manufactured in white Does not reduce cooling costs Upper floor HVAC system is insulated Does reduce heat island effect in urban environments

22 EPDM Seam Management

23 Roof Maintenance Best Practices
Semiannual roof inspections Equipment installations on roof and roof penetrations should always be supervised by roofer holding warranty Remove leaves, plant material, and trash on regular basis Inspect drains and ensure drains work properly

24 Grass growing on the roof
Roof Maintenance Grass growing on the roof This is not a green roof!

25 Roof drain clogged with debris
Roof Maintenance Roof drain clogged with debris

26 Roof Maintenance Remove debris. Better yet – don’t let it accumulate in the first place!

27 Roof Warranty Usually 10 to 25 years Understand warranty requirements
Roof inspections and preventive maintenance are usually required Keep copies of all documentation! Make sure you use vendors certified and approved by manufacturer

28 Green Roofs Partially or totally covered with vegetation Advantages
Amenities space Reduce heating and cooling costs Reduce “heat island effect” Increase lifespan of the roof Reduce storm water runoff Filter pollutants and CO

29 Green Roofs

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