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IT Forum. Julia Anderson Inform Business Forms and Payslips New Opportunities Existing customers, new customers Understanding more about the customer.

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1 IT Forum

2 Julia Anderson Inform

3 Business Forms and Payslips New Opportunities Existing customers, new customers Understanding more about the customer Asking key questions Opportunity to sell more general stationery Increase profit during quieter trading period Think outside the Box

4 Gathering Dust

5 CBS INTRODUCTION Steve Haslett Managing Director

6 History ◌Independent Manufacturers Alliance now trading as Combined Buying Services ◌Founded 1992 originally for manufacturers. ◌Now has 10 leading Groups across a range of non- conflicting areas of business. ◌Trade Associations now main focus of growth

7 Our Motivation Increase Volume to improve our terms for new & existing Members Gain extra revenue from suppliers to fund expansion of HQ services.

8 The Group for Groups ◌Will improve our critical mass for CBS existing deals. ◌Other Groups offer synergies with Integra. ◌Cross fertilisation of other CBS Groups. ◌ New Deal opportunities.

9 Purchasing Power ◌Gained by concentrating on areas of indirect spend common to all businesses, such as:- ◌ Telecoms, Utilities, Fuel, Mobiles, Parcels, Healthcare, Electrical & Engineering Spares & Financial Services


11 Volume Some examples : In BT’s top 100 Corporate Accounts T-Mobile Major Account Vodafone Silver Partner ESSO National Account FedEx National Account


13 Knowledge SME’s not targeted by suppliers BT not BT – CBS billed by BT on blue bill CBS supply all mobile networks – not restricted Are you dealing with the actual supplier?


15 Time CBS Central Office spends time on each deal which would be totally uneconomic for individual companies. Time to investigate market and evaluate deals

16 Combined buying leverage of 1000+ members guarantees strong negotiating position. Large, varied volume allows multiple supplier options.

17 Members direct suppliers towards the Centre. Feedback from members gives a better, current view of markets. Size gives other advantages such as Corporate account management.

18 New opportunities Field Force Automation The capture of field sales or service information in real time Hosted Voice – “virtual” switchboard

19 Resource Most of CBS deals are in areas of indirect spend, where few companies can afford to invest enough to achieve substantial cost savings. By using CBS services, your purchasing resource is free to concentrate on improving strategic areas of direct spend.

20 Communication Secure, dedicated Integra area on CBS website. Deals updated on a regular basis.

21 Benefits Off-invoice savings provide immediate financial benefits. There are no sharing of savings unlike ‘ cost savings consultants’. CBS generates revenue stream from suppliers only, thereby requiring no Member investment. Constant monitoring of terms with suppliers

22 Examples 70% - nearly £3000 saved on BT 6ppl on Esso cards – with Esso but through a third party Parcels 32% again £3000 Mobiles best so far 38% Electric & Gas

23 Control Remains with the member – all terms are optional CBS is a voluntary group CBS suppliers must be competitive

24 Why Use The Services Of CBS? The UK’s largest business buying group 20 years of successful trading history Focussed and experienced buying team Voluntary terms Chore not Core Savings go straight to the bottom line

25 Steve Haslett Managing Director

26 WEEE & Portable Battery Disposal Ali West

27 Agenda  WEEE Compliance Obligations  AssetCare – Risk and Secure ICT process loop  Battery Compliance

28 WEEE Directive ◌You are classed as a producer if you:  Manufacture EEE and place it on the UK market under your own brand  Import EEE from outside the UK and place it on the UK market  Rebrand EEE manufactured by someone else and place it on the UK market

29 WEEE Directive ◌If you are a classed as a producer you must:  Join a Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS)  Supply info on sales of EEE  Fund (via PCS) the collection, treatment and recycling of WEEE  Mark products with a crossed out wheelie bin, producer identification mark  Provide information about your products to recyclers to enable safe and effective treatment at the end of its life

30 WEEE Directive ◌You are classed as a retailer if you:  Sell Electrical or Electronic Equipment (EEE) to end-users in the UK, by any means, e.g. through retail facilities, by mail or internet order etc. o If you are a retailer you must:  Allow WEEE from private households to be returned to you in store (like for like)  Or join the Distributor Take Back Scheme (DTS) or an alternative such as our WeeeCollect service  If you do not offer a take back service you must provide info on facilities available to consumers for the separate collection of household WEEE in your area and provide info to customers on the environmental aspects of associated products when they become waste

31 WEEE Directive ◌Solution  WeeeCare is the most popular WEEE compliance scheme in the UK with over 1,250 members  The most comprehensive and cost effective solution to WEEE compliance  For retailers, if you require an in-store collection of Waste electrical and electronic equipment from business premises we offer an FOC collection service (minimum 300Kg)

32 Secure ICT Disposal - Risks Organisational Risks: Leak of records and personnel files / Data protection Escape of performance and financial information Cloning Product liability Breach of software licence conditions The Penalties: ICO fines - UK up to £500k EU Penalties - 2% Global Turnover Damage to reputation! What data is stored on redundant devices? Where is that data now?

33 Minimising Risk - Secure Disposal Service Secure asset management services set up to provide clients a secure and transparent solution to manage and reduce the associated risks around confidential data within end of life IT management. Rebates for all working equipment Secure collection and data wiping Secure hard disk shredding Live time viewing of hard disk shredding Online consignment tracking Detailed Reporting & itemised asset listing Redeployment Services Decommissioning solutions

34 Certificates and Licences What is AssetCare authorised to do? 1.ISO 14001, ISO 9001 accredited 2.Meet all government standards for secure disposal of all magnetic and non-magnetic media containing confidential data 3.ADISA and ICER member 4.Fully registered Producer Compliance Scheme under the WEEE Regulations 2006, WeeeCare Plc. The UK’s largest scheme by membership 5.PAS141 certified

35 …Certificates and Licences 6.Blancco Gold Partner 7.AATF registered 8.CESG approved data wiping 9.Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) screened personnel 10. 12 licensed waste management sites

36 Some of our secure customers…

37 Cash for Computers ◌Resale value for PC units and associated components ◌Good quality ICT equipment ◌Resale value can offset collection cost ◌Rebates agreed in advance

38 BatteryBack ◌ Battery compliance for producers and retailers ◌ Over 22,000 collection points around the UK ◌ Major retailer rollouts ◌ Public sector rollouts

39 BatteryBack stats ◌+ 12,200 Retail sites ◌+ 1,300 Council sites ◌+ 800 NHS sites ◌+ 2,300 School sites ◌+ 23,000 FOC collections made so far this year ◌+ 1,700 tonnes collected by October 2012

40 BatteryBack offer ◌FOC collections (min 50Kg) ◌Various container options – eye-catching designs ◌Highly skilled support and account management team ◌Proven track record ◌Fast and simple to set up / organise collections

41 Thank you If you have any questions on the WEEE or Battery directive or require further details on secure IT disposal please don’t hesitate to contact us. Contact details 619212 910000

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