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Understanding secure data erasure and end-of-lifecycle IT asset management.

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1 Understanding secure data erasure and end-of-lifecycle IT asset management

2 Presentation Agenda 1.Blancco’s expert credentials 2.Explanation of secure data erasure and benefits of Blancco 3.Blancco’s solutions; products and services

3 Blancco’s expert credentials Who are we to speak?

4 Who are we to speak? Why Blancco can claim to be the global leader Certified data erasure software Blancco has over 10 years experience with both public and private sector organisations Millions of licenses used worldwide with tens of thousands of assets erased daily BLANCCO IS THE MOST CERTIFIED AND RECOMMENDED PROVIDER


6 Half of the Fortune Global Top 10 companies use Blancco

7 Five biggest banks out of ten trust on Blancco

8 Over third of top pharmaceutical / chemical companies run Blancco

9 Explanation of secure data erasure and benefits of Blancco Certified Data Erasure Software

10 Blancco’s secure data erasure Blancco uses software-based overwriting that destroys all electronic data. Overwriting goes beyond file deletion commands which only removes direct pointers to the actual files. Physical destruction, which render the disk unusable, data erasure removes all data while leaving the hard drive operable.


12 Risks associated with poor data leak prevention Identity theft Prison sentence* Federal and/or civil liability* Exorbitant fines or lawsuits* Irreparable damage to an organisation’s reputation Loss in consumer confidence / bad will and decline in revenue * Blancco is compliant with HIPAA, FACTA, Gramm Leach Bliley and Sarbanes Oxley acts. Violating regulatory compliance may cause up to 20 years in prison and 1 million USD fines

13 Consider Blancco an investment not a cost Faster process time and less resources required than alternatives Value of IT Assets can be unlocked if safely processed – Reuse / Resell / Donate Company value and reputation can be greatly improved: – Fit with environmental policies – Compliance with security and corporate governance regulations – Shareholder value and profitability – Employee relations and values

14 Blancco vs Physical Destruction ECOLOGICAL Manufacturing computers takes a lot of energy and natural resources (81% of computer’s lifecycle energy consumption). Old PCs are a problematical waste. Extending the lifecycle is ecological and good for company image. ECONOMICAL There is value in a reusable computer with the possibility to sell or donate computers or their parts. Process improvements and faster method using less human resource and time. SECURE Certified process, Blancco eliminates human error. 100% compliant with automated reporting to prove the data destruction.

15 Detailed erasure report includes IT asset management

16 Blancco’s solutions; products and services Blancco know-how and solutions

17 Service providers Leasing, Financing and Managed Service Providers Public Sector International Institutions, National governments, Defense, Police, Healthcare, Local Municipalities and Education Corporate Banking, Insurance, Retail, Industry, Forestry, Engineering and Foundations ITADs Refurbishers and recyclers

18 Blancco solutions ERASURE CLIENT SOFTWARE Desktops, Laptops, Servers and Storage Equipment

19 Blancco Kit

20 Blancco Tool Kit

21 Blancco goes beyond the competition Widest range of hardware supported and under continual development. Blancco is able to access all areas on the hard drive. – Erasure and detection of locked/hidden sectors (DCO, HPA), remapped sectors and bypass of operating system and BIOS given hard disk parameters. Bad sector detection. 18 international and national level standards: NIST, HMG, US DoD etc., including possibility to create user defined erasure.

22 Blancco software is used to provide you with the following benefits: Increased data security. Assuring regulatory compliance Minimised environmental impact Creation of alternative revenue streams Reduced costs with faster, cheaper and improved processing of IT assets

23 What should a secure data erasure policy contain? 3 CRITERIAS FOR DATA ERASURE: E RASURE – Certifications – 16 supported data erasure standards R EPORTING – Erasure reports from every erasure – Justice for IT Manager A UDITING – Erasure process must be supervised – internal checks – All reports to one database

24 Thanks for your time! Please feel free to ask questions and comment on Blancco and data erasure. You can also learn more at or

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