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The Business Development Service (BDS) Chris Hayward MCIWM Regional BDS Advisor.

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1 The Business Development Service (BDS) Chris Hayward MCIWM Regional BDS Advisor

2 What is BDS? The BDS service encompasses a range of support mechanisms including:  One to one support for re-use organisations  Online tools for re-use & recycling business through WRAP’s Business Resource Efficiency (BRE) Hub  Workshops  Links to other WRAP support including E-zine and helpline.

3 One to one support  Bespoke support is available to commercial and the Third Sector organisations operating in the re-use sector throughout England. The materials involved must be: - Electrical and Electronic Equipment - Textiles (clothes but also bulky home textiles)

4 Aims of one to one support All support is tailored to fit the company requirements and everything is confidential. Expand capacity Secure feedstock and access markets Improve business efficiency and quality Access finance through business planning, strategy development and WRAP’s own financial support mechanisms

5 How does the support work ?  Enquiries are assessed for eligibility and a business advisor assigned as required.  Business support is delivered by WRAP’s contractor, Ricardo-AEA.  The scope of support is agreed between the client and the advisor first.  Support follows on a case-by-case basis.  Further specialist advice may be called on as appropriate.

6 Who are we?  Wide range of industry and technical knowledge available in the team.  Experienced in working with companies of all sizes across a range of material streams.  Part of the wider Business Resource Efficiency Programme being delivered by Ricardo-AEA.  Ricardo-AEA has over 40 years of experience in delivering support to Government, Agencies and Industry.

7 Surely there is a catch? The support is free of charge. In return we ask for:  Your time to commit management resources to the support. We are there to work with you and need your input  Regular feedback from you on performance, specifically tonnage and turnover figures so that we can report to WRAP

8 Examples of BDS Support

9 Recent BDS project examples:  Corporate Sustainability  Manor PCs  Leicestershire  Surrey Re-use Network

10 Corporate Sustainability The business offers a re-design service for office furniture They determine the re-manufacturing needs based on existing furniture Work is outsourced to a third party Often undercut by new furniture retailers We used an IP lawyer to create a new contract to prevent this from happening.

11 Manor PCs Local IT repair/refurbishment business looking to expand We helped them to purchase and set up new server and internet site to establish nationwide business Assisted an application for grant funding from WRAP Now operating a nationwide service

12 Leicestershire Re-use Groups Supported a group of 5 re-use organisations who were in danger of losing Council Funding Review of funding sources (i.e. grants, training, sales etc.) and operations Identified opportunities to create more sustainable business models through increasing non-grant income including partnerships

13 Surrey Re-use Network 6 FROs joined together as SRN Project Manager coordinating action Established a shop that markets items from all members Running Guildford Bulky waste collection Suppliers to Local Assistance scheme for Surrey CC Now looking for an AATF site

14 For further information visit the WRAP website: and at Alternatively call WRAP on 0808 100 2040. Additional information about grant support available from WRAP can be found here: use-and-repair use-and-repair Please note this applies to England only. In Wales, organisations should contact WRAP Cymru, in Scotland Zero Waste Scotland.WRAP CymruZero Waste Scotland

15 Your local BDS Advisor for North East England & Yorkshire Regions: Chris Hayward 07968.707534

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