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MAKING LESSONS ON YOUTUBE Minimal Time - Maximum Benefit.

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1 MAKING LESSONS ON YOUTUBE Minimal Time - Maximum Benefit

2 WHY BOTHER? ●After spending 40 min teaching a new concept, reteaching it to a student that was absent is nearly impossible. ●Students can use it as a supplemental resource to their notes. ●Students can use it to review before a test. ●These videos do not suddenly go away. You can use them for years. ●You can use it for supplemental lessons.

3 HOW DO STUDENTS USE IT? Smart Phones and wifi mainly Home computers Students use it to review for tests - the hits spike on days before a test Learn material on day they missed. Preview material before class To work ahead - avoiding “Uncle Fred”

4 WHAT DO I NEED TO DO IT? Google/YouTube account Bamboo Create tablet Camtasia version 8 Autodesk sketch pad Creativity Microphone Open mind about whether your students will use it

5 HOW DO I DO IT? ●I record 5 min videos during class. ●Students say they focus better because other don’t ask questions??? How strange is that??? ●Posting a video takes about 4 min. ●It lasts forever and all students in and outside your class have access to it. ●Link the uploaded youtube video from Camtasia, to a simple blog free from google.

6 GETTING STUDENTS TO USE IT ●Don’t just post videos and say, “You guys should be using it outside of class.” - This doesn’t work. ●You have to constantly be showing them what’s new for them to use during class and showing them samples of it. ●Your website should be in their face everyday. ●Beware forcing students to use it - not all can. ●If there is value in it students will use it.

7 Techniques For Use In Class 1. Preview a lesson, then reteach it. 2. When you have 5 min left in class. 3. Team teach with yourself. 4. Zooming in on a spot in a video without the set up. Reviewing a technique. 5. Referencing real fast. 6. To practice, “You try this” pause and reveal. 7. Copy this down lecture notes.

8 FINDING TIME TO MAKE VIDEOS? ●As part of your instruction ●At home in preparation for a sub ●I recommend prewriting some kind of script before recording ●Videos are more efficient if you do some prior setup ●Making videos won’t ever seem like a chore ●Payoff and resources are HUGE

9 RESULTS OF MAKING VIDEOS ●My site and has been viewed by our students and students from Zane State almost 20,000 times since ●Google allows you to track all this-and no it doesn’t track my views. I recommend turning that off. ●I have already had multiple comments on former students using this in college and emails from other school districts and colleges.

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