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Mathematics E-Learning in the Secondary Classroom By Sheryl Somerville.

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1 Mathematics E-Learning in the Secondary Classroom By Sheryl Somerville

2 Reason for Need ∞ Many students have difficulty in mathematics ∞ E-learning can help student to see mathematics in a different way ∞ Videos and pictures bring the math to life so students can better understand it

3 Different E-Learning Programs Researched ∞ Hey Math! ∞ Math Aid ∞ ACE-Learning

4 Evaluation of E-learning Programs Researched ∞ HeyMath! had the most information and example lessons on their website. I was able to try out the program through example lessons and see how they could benefit the students. They taught lessons in fun and interesting ways. ∞ HeyMath! has great visuals which I think is the main benefit to e-learning. ∞ HeyMath! is compatible with the Smart Board which is now a very popular tool in mathematics classrooms. ∞ It is listed on the Smart Board website as a helpful math tool for the classroom. ∞ Math Aid’s website did not have as many visuals. ∞ ACE-Learning looked like a good program but the sample videos where not that great ∞ The videos looked interesting but they did not have any volume.

5 How ‘Hey Math!’ Works ∞ Teacher plays lesson on the Smart Board during class ∞ Pause at anytime to explain a concept further ∞ Can write directly on the Smart Board ∞ Students complete problems ∞ Directly on the computer ∞ In a workbook/worksheet ∞ Students can go online at home to reinforce what they learned ∞ The computer program keeps track of lessons watched by particular students ∞ The teacher can see who is accessing extra help ∞ Real life examples are given to help students relate math to real life


7 E-learning in Remedial Classes ∞ Mastery Learning ∞ Students learn at their own pace and do not move on until they have mastered the material ∞ Important in mathematics remedial classes because the concepts build upon one another ∞ Teacher can spend the class time assisting students ∞ Computer keeps track of grades and topics mastered.

8 Costs for Hey Math! ∞ Use of Computer Classroom (assuming the school already has these available) = free ∞ Hey Math! Program = $500 per classroom with up to 30 students ∞ Teacher & students have access to lessons, problems, etc. ∞ $99.99 for an individual teacher account to use lessons in class only

9 Positives ∞ Teachers have more time to focus on ∞ Individual Students ∞ Planning fun activities ∞ Planning group work ∞ Students can access programs from home, the library or any other place with internet access ∞ Students in need of extra help ∞ Students who are absent – will never miss a lesson, easy to catch up! ∞ Increased visualization, bringing math to life

10 Positives (cont.) ∞ Students like computers ∞ Keeps students busy so that we don’t have chaos!

11 Who may oppose it? ∞ Teachers may feel threatened at first ∞ Before starting the program it should be clearly explained to the staff that we are not replacing math teachers, we still need math teachers to supplement the computer lessons ∞ Teachers are needed to give students paper exams ∞ It’s important for students to still take paper exams so that they are properly prepared for the math regents ∞ Senior Teachers that may not know how to use the computer ∞ Book company’s

12 Timeline ∞ Teachers should meet together beforehand to decide on which program is best for their students – possibly April of the year before ∞ The program can be started at the beginning of any school year ∞ The money saved from no longer needing textbooks can be used to purchase the program

13 Conclusion ∞ E-learning can bring math to life with visualizations that may help students to NO LONGER FEAR MATH!

14 References & Resources ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ man.html man.html man.html ∞ S. Boggs, M. Shore & J. Shore (2004). Using e-Learning Platforms for Mastery Learning in Developmental Mathematics Courses. Mathematics and Computer Education. ∞ Video about HeyMath! used at Cristo Rey New York High School:

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