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WWII Part One: The Rise of Radicalism and American Response.

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1 WWII Part One: The Rise of Radicalism and American Response

2 Learning Targets I can explain the reasons for and the process of the rise of radicalism in the 1930s. I can analyze American foreign policy in the 1920s and 30s. I can analyze the causes, conduct, and consequences of WWII.

3 Peace Policy in the 20s Washington Disarmament Conference (1921-2) – Five-Power Treaty – Four-Power Treaty – Nine-Power Treaty Kellogg-Briand Pact (28)

4 US Foreign Policy in the 20s Isolationism – Rejection of the League – Immigration Acts (21, 24) Latin America – Clark Memorandum (28) – “Good Neighbor” Policy(33) Problems with debt – The British & French view – The Dawes Plan – Hoover Moratorium (31) GD, Globally – Sec. of State Cordell Hull arranges tariff reduction Agreements – FDR recognizes USSR

5 Rise of Radicalism: Japanese Expansion Background – Modernization – Growing Power – Reasons for aggression Manchuria – “Mukden Incident” (31) – Manchukuo – Hoover-Stimson Doctrine (32) Shanghai (33)

6 Failure of Peace in Asia & the American Response Japan invades southern China (37) – Rape of Nanking – USS Panay American Response – “Quarantine Speech” – Ludlow Amendment

7 Rise of Radicalism: Benito Mussolini Fascist Party spazio vitale Blackshirts March on Rome (22)

8 Rise of Radicalism: Adolf Hitler Rise to power Withdraw from League (33) Withdraw from Versailles Treaty

9 The Failure of Peace in Europe Italy invades Ethiopia (35) Spanish Civil War (35- 36)

10 The Failure of Peace in Europe Rome-Berlin Axis formed (36) Germany Reoccupies Rhineland (36) Anschluss (3/38)

11 The Failure of Peace in Europe Sudetenland (Czechoslovakia) Munich Conference (9/38) – “Peace in our time.” I’ll take the rest, thank you. And maybe some of Poland.(3/39)

12 The Failure of Peace in Europe Nazi-Soviet Non- Aggression Pact (8/39) Germany invades Poland (9/39) Great Britain & France declare war Phony War

13 The American Response Nye Committee findings Neutrality Act – 1935: Arms & munitions – 1936: Loans – 1937: No Americans on belligerent ships; “cash & carry”

14 Moving Toward War Neutrality Act 1939 – ‘Cash & carry’ weapons to B & F – American ships banned from war zones Phony War ends (4/40)

15 Fall of France & The American Response National Defense Research Committee Destroyers for Bases Selective Service and Training Act America First Committee

16 The American Response 1940 Election – Wendell Willkie “The Arsenal of Democracy” – Lend Lease Act (3/41) – Convoy system (4/41) Operation Barbarossa (6/41) Atlantic Charter (8/41)

17 Meanwhile, in the Pacific Greater East Asia Co- Prosperity Sphere Growing Aggression Export Control Act (7/40) Tripartite Pact (9/40)

18 WAR Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7, 1941) Invasion of the Philippines, Guam, Midway, Hong Kong Declaration of war (Dec. 8, 1941) Hitler blunders (Dec. 11, 1941)

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